A great Martial Arts opportunity in Busan!

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A great Martial Arts opportunity in Busan!


Yo everyone! I just wanted to inform you of a cool opportunity in Busan!
Grandmaster Kim Soo is back in Korea after living and teaching 30 years in Texas! 
His story: A native Korean, born in Seoul, and a practicing martial artist since he was a chap, fled to America after the Korean War to spread martial arts in America. He became very popular and developed a system that combined the teachings of Korean taekwondo, Karate-do, judo/juditso, and Hapkido/Aikido. Now his schools now have spread all over North American, including some in places such as England, Russia and Japan. 
Now he has come back to Korea for the final stage of his life to reintroduce the old style of martial arts back into Korea.
His classes are simple, basic, and fun. There is not a whole lot of sparing, and he occasionally lectures in his classes about techniques. 
He also teaching his classes in Korean and English, as right now there is a mix of foreigners and Koreans.
He is pretty much an american because he lived there for so long and he has a slight Texan drawl. His English is very good. 
Right now class are $40 a month (pretty good deal). 
We meet 2x a week: Wednesday and Thursday from 8-9:30pm. 
You can choose to sign up for 1 month and go from there.You can choose to stay with us or quit whether the classes are working for you or not.
We meet @ SABA (Sport For All Busan Association). Go to green line and get off at the Busan Museum of Modern Art Subway station. Then go out of exit #5 and walk straight. BEXCO will be on the another side of the street on the right. Continue walking for 50m or so until you see the first big sports building on your left. You can't miss it! ; )
Please contact me or Grandmaster Kim Soo if you are interested in the class!
His info is: 
Cell (Korea): 010-8961-4060
Also, the website for his organization is: http://www.kimsookarate.com/
Hope to see you there! : ))
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Re: A great Martial Arts opportunity in Busan!

"he has a slight Texan drawl"

Hahaha, that's awesome!

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Re: A great Martial Arts opportunity in Busan!

Glad to hear the appreciation! I started training under Grandmaster Kim in 1987, and he is a great teacher. We miss him in Texas... take advantage of his presence in Korea!

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Re: A great Martial Arts opportunity in Busan!

Yeah, great oppurtunity for Korea. Grandmaster Kim Soo is really famous in US. I started my martial arts training in his taekwondo school only. His way of teaching is very unique.

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Re: A great Martial Arts opportunity in Busan!

I'm pretty sure this Master Kim and Master Mountain Kim are two different people. Mountain Kim is actually a friend of my father and uncle. He's still doing his schools and tournaments in Virginia.