Grand Opening of Nice Market!


Dear Valued Customers,


                Nice Deli and its associates are proud to announce some big changes to our site! Nice Deli will no longer be the flag ship brand for the largest online foreign shopping network in Korea. Over the past year we have expanded our product line so extensively that we no longer felt “Nice Deli” best represented the services and products we are offering.We have now grown to offer you even more products and services through an exciting new online marketplace called


               We have connected with several other Korean and Foreign based businesses to bring you more products and help offer a wider and more dynamic shopping experience. Some of the key changes are:


  •          New improved website. We upgraded our server, which means faster surfing and shopping and an upgraded website means easier to find products, clearer pricing and tools to help us organize your order more efficiently. 
  •        New products like CDs from prominent Foreign & Local artists, clothing and accessories, magazines to help keep you informed, an all natural cosmetics line, outdoor /camping and recreational gear and much more.
  •    We now have a secure server to accompany our acceptance of credit cards on our site to speed up order transaction times. Customers can now pay safely and securely via Paypal right on our site!
  • Banner ads to offer you even more interesting options and services for life in Korea.
  • Live help! You can now chat with one of us via Google Chat to get quick help and fast answers to your questions.
  • We have hired on new staff to help with increased orders and customers.
  • Coming soon 2 delivery days per week!TBA more scheduled delivery times, this means you get the goods you want when you want them!


                The Nice Deli name you have come to know and trust will still remain with our deli products and the primary food shopping service you have come to love will now be known as  The Nice Market site will now host all of these shops under one roof, delivering to you high quality products and making it easy and convenient to buy. We also moved all our customer accounts (registered before May 19th)to the new server so you should be able to simply login and continue shopping as usual, in some cases you may have to request a new password or create a new account, sorry.


                We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services so please be sure to visit our facebook page and let us know what we can do to make it better and to show your support. We are continuously looking for new products and ideas so if you have a small business or are the creator of a unique line of products contact us about selling your product through our shop or advertise on our site and get the attention of thousands of visitors to our site each month.


                Lastly we would like to extend a very warm welcome to the newest members of our Nice Market Team; Chris Peters and Minji Kim! Chris and Minji are important partners in the expansion of Nice Market and in keeping with our high quality of customer service. A big welcome as well to our new part time employees and a huge thank you to our account Tony Shin and IT guy Edgard Durand.


We look forward to continue serving you and hope you like the new site!




Scott McMaster & Paul Ostrowski


[co-founders of Nice Deli]


Re: Grand Opening of Nice Market!

It's a nice market but the price is not too competitive on grocery products compared to EZ shop and fatbag. I think EZ has more grocery products.