Good Shabu Shabu restaurant in Busan?

Ive heard that shabu shabu is delicious and I want to try it! I was wondering if anyone knew of a good one around Busan, preferably around KSU Gwangan or seomyeon...?

Re: Good Shabu Shabu restaurant in Busan?

I go to a place near the Namcheon end of Gwangan beach. It's just up the road from Popeyes if you know where that is. Here is a map showing the location. It's not fancy, but it is good and relatively cheap. I recommend the basic shabu shabu with mushrooms.

and here is a street view, it's on the second floor.

Alternatively there are a couple of Chinese places selling hotpot, the Chinese equivalent. First it Bukyong Go Chi (북경꼬치) in KSU. It's on the same road that Kino eye is on, but walking toward Namcheon, across from the Top Sale Mart and the new book cafe, fully booked, on the second floor. Check this post for directions.

I've actually never tried it there, but the other food is great, especially the lamb skewers.

I have tried a great place in Haeundae though, which is in the same alley as the original Mexican place, if that is still there. If you take the road from SfunZ toward the beach look out for the Beauty Zone on the left, it's up the alley way directly across from that.

They have both lamb and beef, and although it's a little more expensive, it's worth it.