Go Kart track in Busan

Hi, we've recently moved to S. Korea and would like to know if there are any karting tracks here in Busan or areas nearby. Any lead would be appreciated!





I don't know all there is to know about karting in the area. But, here is what I know: The closest track to Busan is in Gyeongju about an hour north (by train) of Busan. 

Here is the link: http://www.kartvalley.com/shop/main/html.php?htmid=main/cart_main.htm Or type 경주카트밸리 into Google

 If you want to use their fast Karts, you need an international kart license (that is what they say). To get the license you have to take their course, which costs about 100,000 for a three hours. At the end of the course, to get the license, you must go round the track in under 22 seconds. If you are just interested in a short drive, 10 mins (which is enough for most) costs about 20,000. 

It is nice little track, in cool place. So, take the train, and have bit of fun. 

Drive safe. 

 ps I did the course, and I am pleased I did. I only managed 22.8 seconds. But, apparently, that was fast enough.