Gluten Free foods

 Where can I find gluten free bread, rolls, pizza or crackers in Busan?

Re: Gluten Free foods

I have recently stumbled upon a woman who is baking homemade, American-style gluten free goodies from her home. She is taking orders via Facebook and seems really flexible about delivery, pickup, and arranging special orders. I’ve spoken with her a bit and she is super kind and just really enjoys baking. She wants to help other people like her in Korea who struggle with gluten intolerance (celiac) and finding gluten free foods.

I have tried a few things she makes and I definitely recommend the lemon loaf and blueberry zucchini bread. I’m a sucker for bread and these were some fantastic flavors I haven’t had in a VERY long time (living in Korea or elsewhere!). I’m also so excited that she does special cake orders. I will be ordering one of those for my birthday this year!

Here’s the link:

Re: Gluten Free foods

You can find the gluten free bread, rolls, pizza or crackers in Busan at various places.

Follow this link for more information.