Getting Root Access to a Galaxy S

I've been trying to setup my Galaxy S as a mobile hotspot, but have yet to succeed.  I've looked through a number of forum threads on the topic, have none of them worked for me. Has anyone out there been able to root their phone.  If so, what app did you use and how did you do it?

Thanks much,

Re: Getting Root Access to a Galaxy S

Hey Jeff,

Mobile hotspot is a normal feature on every Korean smartphone I have come across, just go to settings, manage wireless something or other, and their should be something about wireless hotspot...

Might not be their but every phone I have looked at including my HTC EVO, several Iphone 4's and a new Galaxy s2 all had it. Even some quite cheap(don't know the name) small LG android phone had it...

Each one had it located pretty much in the same place under manage wireless...

Re: Getting Root Access to a Galaxy S

Yep. You both are right. Total cluelessness on my part. Oh the geek shame! Thanks much and stay tuned for some Kotesol streaming this weekend.