Getting to the horse racing track Busan

Hi guys, Does anybody know if it is possible to rent a bus for 25 people to leave Heundae to get to the horse race track. We could all catch cabs but I was hoping to rent a bus and all go direct. Or does anybody know the best way to travel out to the track. Cheers for your help. 

Re: Getting to the horse racing track Busan

Certainly there would be a number of companies willing to charter a bus for you.  Now to go on public transposrtation the nearest station is most likely in the Sasang area.  However I would just suggest for you to go to the one nearest to wherever you are and just ask them there at the information office.  Also it might even be shown on one of the maps posted in the station.  Once you get to the closest station there would perhaps be more opitons available that might not be revealed on your first inquiry.