Getting a dress altered (hemmed)

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Getting a dress altered (hemmed)

I had a bridesmaid dress shipped to me in Korea because I am going to be in a wedding 4 days after I return to the States.  I need alterations done on the dress, but I don't want to go to the dry cleaners to have it done.  I would like to go somewhere that is familiar with working with these types of dresses.  I went into a bridal shop and the woman spoke a bit of English so I don't think it was a translation error.  But she said that no one does that [alters dresses like that].  Do you have any suggestions for me??!!

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Re: Getting a dress altered (hemmed)

You might get more luck at the giant fabric and clothing market 부산진시장 (Busan Jin Shi Jang). There are tons of hanbok makers, and tailors in or around there.

It's near Busan Jin station though. To get there via subway go to Beomildong on line 1 and take exit 1 and follow that road going away from Seomyeon. After about 10 minutes or so you will come across a massive white building. Thats the market.

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