General Job Seeking Advice

 What advice do you have for those looking for work in Korea?  What are things to watch out for and how can people find reputable employers?

Try laxatives

Try laxatives- they'll help with that!

When I first came here I was

When I first came here I was a newbie at teaching EFL but not teaching itself. I came here when I was 25 I think it was, out of school at 23 so no I wasn't straight out of the box.  

The adult youth of today act like grade 3rs no matter the age. They want something and think they deserve it just because. I earned my stripes, thats for sure. No one ever helped me but myself.

Re: General Job Seeking Advice

I also got a college job in less than 1 year.  I was with the city program and gave notice after 6 months when I was hired by my college.