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This is probably a super strange way to go about this, but I am sure (I hope) I'm not the first.

I am here from Toronto, Canada and my friends who've taught here before have assured me that after a while, I'd make friends organically. I don't know how long a while is but I've been teaching for about a month and I am having tough luck. I am 25 years old and I seem to be the youngest by a mile among my colleagues. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I need friends.

I like fun. I like fun sooooo much. I love jokes. I like laughter, drinking, board games, shopping, movies, hiking, whatever. I love all of it. I could even love stuff I don't know I love yet!

If there are any events or anything going on or anyone would like coffee or beer or whatever, I would like to make myself available! I am here with my boyfriend, and he is super, too.

Thanks for reading my pathetic(/endearing??) post!



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Re: ...friendship?

One idea, is to give the Haha Hole a try, either as a attendee or a performer.  It's a  well-established open mic comedy show held twice a month (1st Friday of the month at Soultrane Bar in PNU) and 3rd Friday at HQ Bar in KSU.  I'm a fairly regular performer and we are always very happy to have, and supportive of, newcomers.  So, this could be a fun thing to try and a way to meet some new folks all in one.  Here's our FB page..best of luck to you.


Next show will be a week from this Friday at HQ Bar. 


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Re: ...friendship?

Hey! I am actually in the same exact boat. When I came to Korea, I was supposd to be working in a school filled with other foreigners but something happened and I had to work in a different school. There's only one other foreign teacher besides myself here and he's in his thirties, married, and boring.


My name is Jerrica! I'm from Boston & I'm 24. :) I live in Yangsan but I go to Busan every weekend. I need friends, too!


My IG is jerricamichellexo

My Kakao is Jerrica

My Blog: jerricasjourney.blogspot.com

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Re: ...friendship?
Hi guys, I just got here not too long ago and things haven't quite gone to plan so I find myself in a similar situation! If you guys are still around then let me know maybe we could all meet up and hang out or something