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.::Free Art Therapy For Foreigners::.
Free Art Therapy For Foreigners
I am a registered art therapist and I'm looking for some foreigners who are interested in participating in a free art therapy session in November.
For this small group therapy project, I want 6 or 7 members. After I get some feedback I will post again more precisely IN TWO WEEKS.
I've thought about this for a long time - there are many foreigners living in Busan and I have thought they need some outlet to release their stress and worries.
Everyone can benefit from art therapy, whether you are mentally healthy, or not; People will become more confident and develop a better self-image.
When you join this project, you need to follow these simple rules:
-You will be punctual. Each session starts on time, and it will continue for 50 min. 
*When we need more time it can continue a little longer.
-You will bring your own sketchbook, scissors, glue, magazines and other materials needed for each therapy session. You may also share with others. 
-You will respect other members and all members' stories will be confidential.
-Your art works may be photographed to promote art therapy. Your identity can also remain confidential if it is your wish.
If you have any questions, message me please. 
The following video is to aid in your understanding of art therapy. A plethora of online resources are available, so please search more if you're interested.
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