Foreign Brokered Brides Rethink Korea

Foreign Brokered Brides Rethink Korea

I wonder if these bride brokerage services are still thriving in Korea. What kind of regulations/laws have been passed to make them safer?


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I still see them all over town.  Not as popular as a Hagwon though.

Laws?  Did you not notice you are in Korea...  Laws?  I like how the police practically beg the offender to move their terribly illigillay parked car, then the driver yells at the cop for bothering him.  Laws?


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          I will focus on laws, rules, regulations, and policies, concerning with international marriage business, because your question is about them.  The head title looks odd like a medieval barbarian culture in the beginning of Korean slaveries to Hawaii hundred years ago.  

          Back to the subject, I see the latest amendment of Civil Laws is dating back to May 2008 about "Basic Laws to Korea-based Foreigners"(재한 외국인 처우 기본법).  That concerns all of us when the current MB administration set up their direction to multi- hybrid- country with many-cultured families.

          The actually "Rules for multi-cultural family support"(다문화가족 지원법) had been created prior to that on March 21, 2008, and then applied to real case by case from September 22 in the same year.

          Since the interest of the question is in International Marriage Brokerage, the updated "Regulations about Management of Marriage Brokerage"(결혼중개업의 관리에 관한 법률) was modified on April 15 last year from a simple reporting system to a registering one with fees.  That only defines merely about how to get refunds  after cancellation of membership, et cetera.  There's no licenceship engaged with dating brokerage like real estate agencies, it is rare to find any case suing a company. 

          We've got many crime programs on TV, but no real simulated Judge Judy or small amount courts, no lawyers, tatoo artists.  I think that really matters when an international spouse relationship or a partnership are related to our daily life.  Media, pressure groups, and research centers such as are looking for demands to change current LAWS regarding to the above issues. 

          What else do we need?

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Interesting, but what did you just say, or want to say Helen-

People who cant get a Korean to marry them go there, pay money.  If they dont get what they wanted I'm sure a number of them are too embarassed to ask for the money back.  Seen shows and heard stories similar to the scams western people ran before.

Sell something cheap for 25$ and have a crappy version that doesnt work sent to them.  When they ask for the refund then send the check with the business name "Big Ballin Assbang Manfisters . com" and most people wont cash it as they now know what stands for and its too small a loss to go and have that check with the big penis printed on it cashed.

Are they legal, I have never heard otherwise.  Are they in demand, enought that there are a number fo them out there.  Do they work-  That I have no idea.  I'm sure they run the game from legal, legit, to complete rip off, and even some sex trade covers.

Korea is just as nice and just as dirty as any other ocuntry and I cant think of one that doesnt have some kind of Mail Order Bride service running.

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     Back in the mid 1990's the Duo, the first professional organization firm for match-making service in Seoul, candidly played with hearts of many youngsters as well as oldies by their sensational marriage brokerage.  At the time they raised their funds with a life-time membership fee for over 500 bucks from each male and female individually.   They promised they will introduce matching service until their customers agree to get married to each other among members.  

     Advertisements were wallpapered on every monthly women's magazine mostly for agassis and azumas equally likely such as Women's ChungAng, Jubu SaengHwual, Women's Chosun, Queen, and many others.  I think many Korean gals rarely read newspapers online or off, but they always pursue updated hip images from their favorite magazines; just like in 1960's in America when women declared freedom from corset and from kitchen and hippies were on street leading their nomadic life; in France it was called the Liberation of the year of 1968.

     The Korean government totally supported the augmenting marriage population for collecting more tax.  The scale of marriage related sub-economy was huge; traveling agencies, airliners, wedding centers, wedding-gown industries, catering services, entertainment businesses, advertisements; probably all of the third type service industries after the first agricultural and the secondary production industries.  

     Later, many other similar marriage brokerage businesses came out; such as SeonWoo, Weddian, Daks Club, etc.  All of the listed agencies are based in Korea for local people.  That was the way how most of Korean hotel lobby lounges or coffee shops were filled with new possible honey mooners on every weekend mornings.  

     I was one of the first generation members that were listed and then categorized by educational, financial, social, and professional ranks.  I don't know if they will still provide me a full list of PICTURE GROOMS, if I reclaimed my membership id.  That was an investment for me to get rid of my single status at the time, which I still am technically in here Korea.  I may need to tell them to get my money back, for now I firmly believe that marriage shall work in romance, not by intention.  

     Can a romance be sold and set up by a brokerage?  I doubt but many believe all is designed.  That would be great if someone could create it for others in a proper way under the name of Jesus Christ!  I don't agree with a concept of Korean marriage conducted at a commercial center producing a new married couple in every thirty minutes during the weekend with no Bible involved.  Yes, that is pretty much about it: a human not an animal relationship.

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Interesting, maybe.  However the topic of FOREIGN borkerage services wasnt even mentioned.

Domestic meeting services thrive everywhere.  They have always preyed on the unattractive, uninteresting, timid, or whathave you.  No news there.

Also where do you copy your long posts from-

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Does it sound like a bombshell, chambre?  Certainly not.  If I had cited anyone's word I would have quoted.  Shall I box my own experience in?  When a country is in process of stiff progressivism in culture, no legal division bet. local and global.  The Duo is quite recognized bet. Korean Koreans and (Korean) Americans.  Noce brokerage is internationalized, and the related report I read is from Korean American community in the USA.  If any problems, Korean Consumer Agency is the governmental organization to hear from you.

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stop with the bible thumping already!  marriage was created because of economics and nothing more. do your homework. the church is not the answer. emotep...emotep...emotep...

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Marriage is a social contract, which should be agreed on bet. two personal beliefs in salvation.  Under the western law, it requires two or more witnesses.  

Korean one doesn't ask any--I believe you and your spouse only go get registered.  Sometimes one can discover it is done by the other without having been asked or recognized, wtf!

As you said; pitifully only does money matter with it.  When it comes all seek for it; when it goes away, troublesome.  Why then does it need if you can simply buy one or more and then sell? 

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Marriage in korea is a financial contract, nothing more. I've seen Koreans marry after only two months of dating and have never lived together. Koreans idea of 'love' is someone who can cook a decent chigae.  I'm not saying foreigners are any better because I have family that married due to pregnancy but let's cut the crap.

I love my wife  but initially we married because we are both of the same mind set; DINKS. (double income no kids). That plus she didn't want to marry a korean man and the horrible life that comes with that and I just couldn't allow her life wasted marrying the above.. We Save our money and plan to retire early; that's it. A common goal that escapes most for whatever reason.

 Love? please.....everyone I know that married for love is either divorced or broke or cheating. What my wife and I have grew into love, love is over-rated. Marry someone who can provide and provide well that's it or you are better off alone.  If it flowers into love that's a bonus.

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Not at all, I love my wife very much.  I just can't stand the fake arrangement of most marriages in this country. I'm sure people find true love in your bar nightly.

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LeeBum, that you call a L*** is here considered as a f*** or a stab of k**** in many times, for people do not have any wife but azumas or aggasis; espaces de assh***s.  When to talk about foreign women, I am overwhelmed.    

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agreed lee. marriage ust does not suit a country where lying and fraud is the way. everyone marries for money here and then cheats anyway. divorce is the highest in all OECD countries.  if the one family has no money there is no chance for a wedding.  the father will say no and tht is it . sounds grim but if you actually follow the news and have been here for a long time you would know this is absoultey true. so the positve yet delusional people here can say what they want but just being positive does not make things okay. we are stranded on an island but saying at least it is not raining does not get things done.  my wife, who is amazing and korean, even says that every korean guy cheats but then so does the wife because they know he is. but both are okay with it because the marriage is based from economics and convenience (girl cooks, guy makes money) not love.  no pun intended, it is a souless country. we are here to make money and that is it. people go to thialand for the culture. dont deny it! it is all aout the money!

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Exactly Paul. Koreans only divorce for one reason and one reason alone; money woes. I think it's safe to say this is the reason for 80-90% of western divorces as well.  It's all ways about money or lack of it.  These so called 'married for love' Koreans had no problem divorcing though did they? Giving Korea the OECD divorce title. It isn't because she's a shitty cook, it's because he isn't bringing home enough cuts of bacon.  Fell out of love? please, more like a money fall out. How about never in love in the first place. 

If I lost my job, blew my savings at the casino, took up a chair in the bar and stayed there for 6months my wife would toss my ass out of the house and serve me with divorce papers that's a given. 

We aren't here because korea has four seasons , we are here because we have economic freedoms.  

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For those who are invited, lived, then get married, in some case it's totally different: Dario Tomas finally came back from the Philippines.  He will be on trail exactly like any other Korean criminals.  Marriage is a social activity, based on romance, at the same moment, engaged with economical trouble in Korea.

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wow.  these comments are all absolutely hilarious, except for the one from HQ bar.  i love when someone asks a question about something and then it is twisted into how wonderful someone's life is and how people are lying to themselves.   ahhh, love, bacon, and brokerage-what a combo

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The north is bombing us, our discussion seem insignificant at this time. Relocate to HQ buzz and have a drink, you need it. Mention this thread and you can get a free shooter.

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it is an awful thing to say but you dont understand it? so you make a personal comment about lee. this is better than what he said? not sure about that?

it always amazes me how the people who are not afraid to share their opinions get bashed as immoral or bad yet those same people are just making comments-not attacking others personally. which is worse? il take the person with crazy opinions over the person who is just trying to fit in as at least i know where they stand and are not blown about by the wind from others.

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Since no post is updated directly addressing the case of the lil tatti hwangok's, some immigrant agencies sued her marriage broker firm probably for their own sake as well as of the victim's shameful families and friends.  Never mail to sell any teens overseas to earn their lives on their behalf!!  Korea is a paradise to create benefit of one's labor not to ask for a free ride.  

Updated information regarding lawful actions for amendment demands are risking privacy of marriage broker company members.  Who the hell is going to think that they will submit their HIV positive to a marriage broker, if they meet a new one who may already have one?  Isn't that enough Korean parents and the DOE ask similar tests to English instructors?  What the heck, if it is what women ask it will be done otherwise do not marry foreigners.

One thing sure is that you can never assume anyone's mental health by any PE record.  When I met a Ph D engineering guy in NYC ten years ago via DUO-Seoul, he seemed OK during the day then turned off to be a vamp without any influence at all on his white lexus wheels.  OMG, such a great mom's man, the first son of the biggest taxi company man in seoul, SNU grad, everything super duper, living in Queens with too many hisp gals surrounding.  That wasn't just my type.  I met him several times in a coffee lounge at intercontinental coex, never figured out what would be the next until I return home to meet him again.  Marriage without love?  That's out of question.  All those great background and good looking with money, power, and intelligence?  The mindset that a wife can be bought and possessed like any other property, is the blood sucker.

Thank G I am a single here!  

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Helen, you are single because you are waiting for love? That's good for you it's a noble effert but my wife has friends that did this and they are now referred to as 'old hags'. No-one is going to marry these women. They have no skills, never worked and the looks are gone.   

99% of korean mothers would have told their daughters to hook,line and sinker that guy into marriage. Why? He's rich!It doesn't matter if he is a goof or a spanish harlem womanizer or an animal on the road or a potential wife beater or drunk. Bottom line; he's wealthy and educated and  from a kangnam family. 

Women here, especially mothers watch dramas on TV. They sit and ponder why don't i have a big apt? why don't i have a foreign car? why don't i have nice jewelry and a fur coat? Why am i living in squaller?  Why are we all ways broke and living pay to pay? They think this is how other people really live and if they are screwed for life their daughter certainly isn't going to be.

I've seen this first hand in my family. My wife's aunt was furious when a date with a dentist didn't work out well and it didn't go further than a coffee shop. Why? it's no one's fault, there just wasn't anything on his end I'm sure. The girl is homely and has the personality of a stone.

My point is that he could have been a major asshole and all the things above I mentioned and to mother it didn't matter; he's a dentist and that equals money. End of discussion. What a horrible way to go through your own life and ruining your daughters as well.


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Hey Bum, if there's anything you can never buy it's the marriage in Love of God which you may probably never imagine you could have possibly done here in Busan ;P  

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attacking others personally?  that is a very strange thing to say.  i think some people do enough of that on here.  i do understand everything that is said.  often, if not everytime, i find myself in strong disaggreement to certain 'opinions,' especially when they are spoken as fact.  facts which usually are WRONG.  however, i think it is HORRIBLE to tell someone they have a free drink waiting for them, especially when it turns out that they do not.  i was very embarrassed.  this site is great for sharing information and getting information, but it seems to gets lots of use for shouting from the keyboards about those awful foreigners that people do not know or with whom they ever interact.  really, how can anyone say and then agree that all marriages in this country are for finances?  everyone i know that has married here has done it for love and no other reason.  to say it is financial means that every person from a more economically advanced country is some kind of predator-yourselves included.  taking the back door to call helen an old hag and saying her mother ruined her life is a really unkind thing to do.  divorce rate in the oecd?  thanks for posting that, woodsman.  another great thing to take a look at is the rate of sexual satisfaction of husbands and wives and the husbands concern with the wife's general happiness.  korea ranks quite high in those categories. money?  ha, divorce is more commonly the cause of poverty than vice versa.  telling someone they have a free drink waiting for them?  how sad

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when was that study-2004. try this. and it is getting worse!


Korea: Divorce rate ranks 3rd in the world

According to Korean government statistics, the divorce rate in Korea is growing at an average rate of 0.5% per year. In the past ten years, the total number of divorces has increased by nearly three times. That is to say, out of every 1,000 couples, 2.8 of them will divorce, making  Korea's divorce rate the third highest in the world after America and the UK.

There are various reasons why the divorce rate in Korea is so high, but the main reason is disagreements between the mother-in-law and wife. A representative from Korea's family courts who handles divorce cases went on the record to say, "Divorce cases always increase after Mid-autumn Day, New Year and the summer holiday because couples are more likely to quarrel about going to the in-laws house. And then once they get there, as problems between the mother-in-law and wife become from pronounced, someone ends up demanding a divorce."

Another factor that has led to rising divorce rates is a change in values.

More women are initiating divorce or separation procedures. 66.7% of divorces in 2003 were initiated by women, compared to 30.6% by men. Among the reasons cited for getting a divorce, 46.4% of divorces occur because the wife or husband is having an affair.

In order to curb the rising divorce rate, the government has enacted certain measures that have proven to be effective. The Seoul Family Court implemented a mandatory "thinking period" and counseling session which couples must complete before applying for a divorce..


So in fact, more and more are seperating but are still not even divorced so the number is even higher perhaps. And what this article failed to mention (although it mentioned affairs as i did) is women now get money from the men when divorced so they dont stay with their guys for money reasons. The old divorce law gave women very few rights but the new law enacted a few years ago is much better for women.  I think your study was before the new law. These stats from the Korean government are post law.

Again people want to get personal and be the defender of Korea but give me a break. I am not attcking anyone-I am merely stating facts. My wife is Korean and I live here. I have been here for 8 years and I keep up on current news. Divorce here is sky high bro. Sorry Woody, you are wrong!


And Emo, I understand what you are saying but people here-especially those who dont live here but are instead merely visiting, are too quick to defend things they dont understand. Those stats are way off. Mine are from the Korean government. Divorce is so high they are trying to delay them even.  To say I am way off or should be doing something else is a joke. No ill-will to any but dont get personal. This is just talking about opinions. Cheers!

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Splitting hairs are we woodsman?  It's still better than your 11place finish from 1989. Comment on that?  you used the same tactic when posting the accredited universities in korea; a google search sponsored by a 'date korean girls' site, classy stuff. Around fifty of the schools on the list aren't even in operation today.

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elmo, answer me this; if everyone marrys for love in korea, then why is the divorce rate so high?

No personal insults, no dodging, just answer the question. I'm civil.

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not everyone marries for love. you said you did not.  that is not surprising.  however, you are not civil.  people divorce their spouses because they are unhappy.  everyone who knows anyone who has been divorced knows that fact.  why you think it would be anything else, who knows.  you guys are the one defending your beliefs about korea.  why you take every opportunity to point out how different you are from everyone else and usually implying you are better, no one knows, but it sure is boring.   basically, the korean government has one set of statistics and another are reported to the oecd.  kimchi prevents sars and cancer.  imagine that.  civil?  what a joke.  you called helen an old hag.  definitely civil material,there

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as an aside, divorced/not divorced, whatever the situation, i dont care.  my korean wife is amazing and life here is good. i have no complaints. i think  opinions can be questioned but the person because their opinion is different-that is too much; especially when you have never met them. ignorance is not bliss, clearly. but if you want to bash me because you are so 'moral' and 'right' that is okay. i wont go to that level, however. i will stick to arguing points and let you do you. your different opinion hardly makes you bad-to me anyway. cheers!

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Unhappy?  that's the best you can come up with? So they were so much in love and now they aren't and unhappy so let's divorce?

That is not a reason to divorce elmo. Are you ten years old? People divorce because of economic concerns nothing else and certainly not because they feel blue.

I never called helen and 'old hag'. I said women that fail to marry by a certain time are deemed as such. 

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Apparently you do not read much or know many people who have divorced.   They divorce because they are unhappy.  it is the reason, not my reason.  yes, you did use the back door to call her a hag.  anyone who knows how to read can see that

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No actually I don't know many divorced people but I can read studies and they say the main reason in Korea is economic.

Unhappy isn't a reason to divorce elmo. Why are they unhappy elmo? because they are broke or barely getting by. People with money don't divorce elmo. 

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continuing to repeat the economic mantra does nothing to prove it.  talk to some divorced people.  they will tell you.  if money is low and love is there, no divorce will happen.  statistics can be used to prove anything.  take a look at how sexually satisfied these divorced people were in their marriages?  take a look at shared housework?  emotional needs met?  nobody suffers like poor people suffer, so if you think lack of money is the main cause of divorce you are way off the rocker, especially since you have very little knowledge of ACTUAL divorced people.  what's next, putting down prostitutes?  single women?  oh,wait.  too late for that

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You win elmo, koreans marry for true love and divorce for being truly unhappy.

How can I agrue with a guy who thought mentioning this thread at a bar would get you a free shooter? You could take a mentionable at the darwin awards this year for sure with that effert.

End of discussion


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ahh, you admit you know next to nothing about divorce in the real world or where korea ranks on the global divorce scale or ever had a conversation with a divorce/marriage counselor.   (has anyone who trusts the government provided statistics looked at poland or any eastern european country or what korea reports to other databases, not just the newspaper articles?) congratualtions!  no free drink?  darwin awards?  i thought they renamed those last year.  the exact name fails to come to mind.  bet someone knows

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Excuse me?  I am not defending those old female friends of yours or of your wife's whatever, but nowadays professional office girls are often ignoring to get engaged at their early age into any housework left over after a long day of working hours.  Why do they have to please their husband if he were such a priggish dude, who only counts in his pocket on her back?  Better off the line if you are already married then you, Bumsuk lee.

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@elm:  fantasy, mythology, mysoginy; allr fine with a 노처녀.  That wont make the HP 7 my favorite.  What's impo is this forum talks about reality in Korea.  

@paul:  I have a plain question about your "korean" spouse; when you put a nationality or race to describe your wife, does that indicate you may have a non "korean" one?  please do not take it personal or offensive, I am simply questioning.  Because of a guy I know...(obliterated).  

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helen. i dont understand your question. my wife is korean. i mentioned that because people tend to jump to conclusions on here so i say i am not knocking koreans by mentioning that my wife is korean. i love it here actually. my life is good. but if you say anything bad-like quote stats, people jump on you like you are whining or something so i am jsut trying to stay away from that kind of nonsense.  i am just stating facts that i have come across when talking about korea, divorce, whatever. cheers!

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That works great, paul.  I wish you could keep going on in that way.  You know when you live in a small country packed with new comers every month, you can always see what you see.  It is a small world here; always get alert what you say, what you type, or what you hear.  Sometimes, a sudden second hand connection surprises me in many ways.  btw, I would better want to see optimistically foreseeable topics to discuss about than this doom one; such as 'does Korea have any bright future to hang on?'

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helen, woodsman comments is what i am talking about. i said korea had the highest divorce rate in among all OECD countries and i got slammed. Someone put some study on from jurassic times claiming otherwise but when i put a newer one showing korea ias actually third-in the world-not just oecd countries he tries to go on about how i am always wrong. sorry woods-third in the world-not first among 30 OECD countries. my bad. 

you or emo even went on to mention thanks for that old study and slam me and lee.  i am not arguing with you-i dont know you. i am just stating facts. i was not trying to stretch the truth like you with your 1987 study or whenever it was. why cant you learn something and say wow, i didnt know that. why go crazy about divorce rates? and for you, now on, i will be so literal. for example:

 i will say korea is 2nd among OEC countires in suicide (latest stats i could find..was first but...). korean pedestrian accident rates ranked tops in 2007 (last study i could find) among all oecd countries. was 2nd is deaths due to traffic accidents. it is 3rd in the death of children in car accidents. more people commit suicide though than die in car accidents. 4th leading cause of death in korea is suicide. korea is also near the top or at the top among all oecd countries with regards to inflation. and fo course there is the divorce stats as well as korea ranks near the bootom for social spending among all oecd countries. getting angry woods? this is korea. it is not some placid place where all is wonderful. it has many problems. get over it. make it work. i love it regardless as these are just stats and the way it is. no reason to get angry, defensive or attack people i think.  be happy man!


as for what i am good at, i hardly feel the need to go on about myself. but it is funny your study was so outdated but you try to cover that up by attacking me. i can admit i said korea was first in divorce but in fact was third no problem. i guess one thing i am good at is manning up and admitting things if i am wrong. i am not sure but i think that comes with wisdom and maturity. not sure about that though as i have no stats on that so i could be wrong. cheers!

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Again all above social illness, you pulled out from whatever stat records, is due to rootless Korean modernization without having enough reach to the social agreement;  I do not blame any Japanese occupation which lead medieval Joseon directly to the world;  Korea doesn't have any 20th century; better crawling up directly to the 21st century.  

I believe in God as a simple minded person, who obeys what is written in the Bible.  People shall separate each other when they become a widow or a widower.  You will not get divorced unless otherwise you get your wife dead.  

Drinking problems or DUI accidents, suicide commitments, are all social evils.  Satan or evil spirit of your own side will lead your life miserable.  

I think those troubles are in common to the whole world, except for some countries with terrible environment like Ethiopia, Somalia, and Madagascar.  

 Setting your voice up loud about other people's study doesn't look charm to me both of you, paul and woodsman.  I shall be back to the Drinking and driving or committing suicide issues.  But, what I am sure for now is that inter-racial marriage is not banned or condemned in the Bible, so is divorce, therefore, it's OK.

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Angry, ah yes, that old line. You disagree with me so you must be angry. No, I'm just bemused at the sad state of this forum and the constant whinging that you and your buddy try to pass off here as wisdom. And for all the bashing, you claim to be happy. No, you're a couple of miserable little souls who need to spread the same level of discontent to every one else.

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BTW, learn to read, the link I posted has information up to 2007/8. But even by your link, you were still wrong. Don't you and LBS EVER get tired of being wrong?

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You were right for 3-4years ago and I was two countries wrong out of hundreds wrong for 2010. 

It's too nice outside to argue today, have a good one.  You and elmo should hook up for that free drink.

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This thread turned into the battle of the pissed off lifers.

I think it is entertaining to listen to the lot of you argue over whos excuses for staying in a country you dont like much, or an odd relationship, or single are the best.    "I'm happy here but.....",  "Everything is good for me but, .....",  "Love is wonderfull but,....", "Korea is the best but,...."

Even better when you just personally attack each other in a civil manner.   It really reminds me of the people in the BBC doccumentry about the american GIs who defected to North Korea.

Keep on going, its nice to have a laugh at break.

Re: Foreign Brokered Brides Rethink Korea

woods- what are you talking about. stating divorce facts is whining- this is your way of hiding the fact you are wrong- your stats are pre2003. i looked them up.  but im whining is what i dont get. you just keep showing off your ignorance- again, this is my point-people on here just want to argue personally. i am married. my wife is korean. how is my stating divorce stats whining. crazy notion.

as for being a lifer, no, it is a means to an end though.  i came here to write a book but while i was doing that i met a great woman, got married, was owner of two bars and on we go. life is good. spending 10 years here-if i am here that long is only 10% of my life so that is hardly my whole life. for now, though, it is okay. cheers!

Re: Foreign Brokered Brides Rethink Korea

Breaks? I'm glad someone is still working for a living chambermaid.  I was done at my university last Thursday. My exams are proctored so I'm done until March. Have fun on those 10minute breaks during your daily 8-5grind.  

I'm laughing as well.