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Hey all.

I'm visiting Busan for two weeks in May. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with recommending a good bar/pub that shows Premier League matches. Trying to catch the last Liverpool match of the season. I used to go to O'Brien's in Gaya while I lived there but I'm sure there are much better places out and about in town now.


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Craig from New Zealand?! I think he's the same guy who used to own O'brien's at Gaya. Watched the 2005 Champions League Final with him there. Best night of my life by far. Thanks for the tip, Aussie. I'll deffo check it out while I'm there.


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His name is Craig and he is from New Zealand, but he's a different Craig (Morrison, not Craig Nicholol, whol you're thinking of).  O'Brien's Gaya is long dead, but Beached has picked up the banner and is presently one of the best joints in town for a pint, craic, and sports, though they do play FAR too much fucking cricket.  Can't please everyone, I guess.

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@Tharp. Cricket rocks!

@Original poster. Evas in Kyungsung seems to have become the place to have the weekend EPL games on. O'Briens and OL'55 will put games on if you ask them, but in the former American sports will always trump soccer if an important game is on. I am pretty sure the Dugout will also play games as well if you ask them.

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Really appreciate it, gents. Almost eight years ago since I first started my Korean adventure in Busan. Korea changes so much every time I go back. Still remember the days that you couldn't get a decent hamburger to save your life and would gladly pay over W20,000 for a half decent one. Really chuffed to see so many great options for ex-pats to get a little closer to home.

The Wolfhound wrote me back and said they'd put it on as well. Heard some decent things about the place in Seoul but not sure how the Busan branch is. Any thoughts on that place? Will be travelling up from the Nampodong area, but watching proper footie along with it being the last match of the season is paramount to sleep anyway. Glad to see there are alot of options and thanks again. If you guys are out and about and want to watch the match, the first rounds on me! I live in New York City and if there's anything you guys need over here, I'll pick it up for you.


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I've never been to the Busan Wolfhound, but liked the one in Seoul. If I had any criticism is that it was always seemed a little unfriendly since it's run as a commerical operation, although if you are a regular and the staff know you, you seem to be treated as such.

But that could be said for a lot of places I guess. And their food in Seoul was pretty spot on.

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Hope it's OK to resurrect this old thread. With the football (English Premier League) season starting today, does anyone know the best* bar/s to watch the games here in Busan?

The Wolfhound? Eva's in Kyungsung? Beached? HQ Bar? Anywhere else?

I only arrived recently (big Saints fan), so if anyone wants to get together to watch some games, let me know.

*By best, I mean that they reliably show all/most of the games that they can, will take requests for specific games if there is demand, and in general is a nice, friendly place. Good beer & food a plus, but not the most important :-)