Fireworks - New Years Eve - Busan?

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if any of the forum experts can please advise...

what are some places near Busan Station to view fireworks (if any) on new years eve?

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Re: Fireworks - New Years Eve - Busan?

New Years in Korea is all to do with the sunrise in the morning as opposed to the midnight countdown like we do back home. Therefore fireworks aren't normally the norm.

Saying that though, I remember my first New Years here 10 years ago and they definitely had fireworks on Haeundae beach back then. I just checked the Busan site and they are advertising fireworks, but all the way out in DaDaePo it seems!

Anyhow, here is a link to that site

and another link to a website in Korean all about it.

Re: Fireworks - New Years Eve - Busan?

In Nampo-dong at Yongdusan Tower they have small fireworks, confetti, balloons and the ringing in of the bell. Was there last year. Cold but fun.

Hope this helps.  Get there early  around 10:30 or 11pm is good not overly crowded like the Busan Fireworks festival in October. Not too far from Busan Station.