Finding postcards?

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Finding postcards?

Hey there,


it may seem stupid, but it seems hard to find postcards in Korea. I haven't really looked around that much, but any previous countries I have been before, they just sell some virtually at any convenience store or so on. Any idea where I can find some nice postcards in the Busan area? Otherwise of course I will have to buy from internet I guess!



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find them in hotels

 i know for sure that the westin chosin gift shop and at the apek house gift shop.  been told they also have them in shinsagae somewhere.  those are the only places i know of for sure, but other people probably know additional places to find postcards.  the cards i buy are pretty groovy.  they are of paintings of busan scenes from a local artist. good luck


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postcards in Nampo-dong

You can find postcards at the Busan tower in Yongdusan park which is located in Nampo-dong. Also, you can just stroll around in the underground mall in Nampo and find tons of souvenir shops that sell them. Finally, you can find more souvenirs (including postcards) at Gukje market which is also in Nampo-dong. Basically, Nampo-dong is a good place to find souvenirs. Hope this helps!

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Re: Finding postcards?

Thanks for the information. I searched for whole morning, faield to find it in seomyeon. Thanks!

Is there any specific format or stsandard postcard required? 

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Re: Finding postcards?

I had the same problem and decided to simply print my own :-)