Finding Birth Mother

Hey everyone,

I have a friend coming to visit me in August for two weeks. She is an American who was adopted from Korea. She is interested in finding and meeting her birth mother while she is here. Does anyone know how to go about finding birth mothers? and if she is only going to be here for two weeks, will that even be possible?

Any information would be great! Thanks a lot.

Re: Finding Birth Mother

If she has her original birth certificate then she can most likely scratch off the white out and look through the permanant marker that they used to erase it. My sister is adopted from Korea and she did that at a young age when my parents showed it to her.

If she knew what agency she was adopted from she would probably have the best luck contacting them to see if they have any record. If she was just dropped off at a charity place or something as a baby she would have no luck.

Really it depends on the amount of information her adopted parents can give her that came from Korea.

I doubt 2 weeks is enough unless she starts before coming here. Of course Korean businesses and government facilities are usually more efficient so they might be able to find her information more quickly than a corresponding US place (which would probably take a 2 weeks just to find one record).

Re: Finding Birth Mother

Anni, I would also be leery of anyone telling you they can find the mother for a 'fee'. If it isn't through a gov't office or an adoption agency it's suspect.

I mean they have 'stand in/fake parents' meeting here for boyfriends and girlfriends and I wouldn't put it past a few of the scamsters here to go even further.