Film Processing and Busan

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Film Processing and Busan

Hi everyone, 

I moved to Busan last week. I'm a fine art photographer. I am looking for some suggestions as to places where I would be able to develop film.

I am looking for a film lab that processes c-41 (negative film) and or E-6 (Slide film)

I shoot a variety of sizes, but I am currently looking for medium format (120) film to be developed. Developed and scanned would be ideal, but I'm taking some baby steps first.

Local is great, but Im imagining I may need to send out my film to be processed elsewhere.

Any and all suggestions would be great.

(I use digital cameras too, I'm not a complete luddite) 


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Re: Film Processing and Busan

did you find a place?? i am in busan now and am having a hard time!