Fairmouth Bar Seomyeon

Hi all,

I just wanted to write a note here to reccomend a bar in Seomyeon called Fairmouth. 

It is relatively new and serves food and drinks. I would say their theme is "Vintage Dentist" and has a 1950's feel to it. The interior is chic and cool with a calm ambience with both booths and seating. It is a relaxed bar, a place where you might go on a date or take a group of friends to chat or even begin a night out. You can really see a lot of effort and thought has gone into creating the right atmosphere in this bar. 

The  food menu is still being developed but does a take of American/Mexican food and has a good range of fries. I would highly reccomend the Fairmouth fries, they have an addition of kimchi which is very nice. Please see attached menu for drinks and food.

The drink menu is also developing and currently has a selection of higher end beers as well as standard Korean beers. The owner informed me they will be adding more cocktails to the menu, as well as wine in the coming months. While we were there, we sampled one of the 'mexican' style corona cocktails and it was very tasty as well as being fun to share.

Fairmouth also happens to be frequented regularly by Lotte Giants players. The owners father was involved in baseball and so has many friends in the team.

Thankfully, the toilets have not been an after thought in this bar which can often be the case in Korea. There is only one each for male and female but they are clean do not smell.


From Seomyeon station, take exit 2 and walk down the street until you reach “Education Street” – in Korean, the sign says “늘품 (학원) 거리.” Education Street marks the end of the long line of shops and cafes in Seomyeon. Fairmouth is on the left side of Education Street, a block after BBQ Camp it has white and black neon lips out the front.

Thanks for reading!!!

Re: Fairmouth Bar Seomyeon

Love that dentist chair!

I don't go to Seomyeon much, but if I do I will be sure to check it out.

Although when I checked on Naver street view I couldn't see BBQ camp. That doesn't  mean it's not there though, Naver maps can be up to a year out of date.

Anyhow I'm presuming it's somewhere between Judies Taehwa and VIPS given your directions. Right?

Re: Fairmouth Bar Seomyeon

Hey you should add an "e" into the first sentence.  Right now it says "not here to recommend." 

Anyway, I just went to this place tonight and it was pretty interesting.  The aesthetic doesn't really match up with Mexican food, but oh well.  I didn't think the food was all that great.  Fries are standard, quesadillas pretty blah and the burritos are small - like the size of a hamburger.  If you like a novel environment, check it out and see, but I'm not planning on going back.

Re: Fairmouth Bar Seomyeon

Thanks for the heads up. 

I have to admit I did not try the food really, only had the fries which were nice enough.

I think this bar would be better off not serving too much in the way of food and going down the drinks road instead. But this may not be possible in Korea!