F6 Part-Time Employment

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F6 Part-Time Employment

Hello all,

I have a query for other F6 visa holders here in Korea. 

I am considering part-time teaching positions here now that I have an F visa. I plan to try fill my days with different part-time teaching positions built up over a period of time. However, I am unsure about the situation regarding documents and immigration.

  • Will I need the usual criminal background check and degree apostilled?
  • If so, will they be required for each individual employer?
  • I presume, maybe I'm wrong here, that because I already have a visa that these docs are not required by immigration? 
  • What is the situation regarding medical checks?
  • How do you deal with pension and health insurance?

Basically, I am wondering what is the best procedure to follow regarding taking various part-time positions.

Any help would be greatly appreciatede :)


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Re: F6 Part-Time Employment

I'm in pretty much the same situation as you. I have an F6 visa and want to work. All the schools I've contacted require the background check. For more than one employer, you might be able to just make copies. As far as I know, immigration doesn't require it, but the schools do. I'm not sure about medical checks, and pension, but as far as health insurance goes, you should go on the same program as your Korean wife. And if you work you a school that offers medical insurance, they should pay you for them not having to pay for it. But depending on how part time the jobs are, they might not even offer midical insurance, just as they wouldn't offer housing.