English speaking vet near Guseo-dong

I need to get shots and a health certificate for my dog to take him back to the US with me, and need to find an english speaking veteranarian I can go to. Possibly one that would take a walkin since I have no phone. Thanks. I'll travel anywhere on the subway if the place is a little ways away.

The place I go to is in Guseo

The place I go to is in Guseo 2 dong and it is near Dusil subway stop. You come out exit 1 and there should be a McDonald's. If there isn't, find the subway exit that has a McDonalds. Go straight up the hill. You will come to a stairway. Go up the stairway, and cross the road. Once across, turn left and go straight. the vet is on that side of the road.. maybe a block/block and a half. The receptionist doesn't speak English... as far as I know, but both vets speak some english. Just in case, get a Korean to write on a piece of paper what you need. There shouldn't be any problem, but just in case. They only do walk-ins. I would go early... they open at 930 or not on a Monday. Good Luck.

There's one at Jungdong

There's one at Jungdong station across from Emart on the 2nd floor.

there is also one in kyungsung university area

I use one just past kyungsung police station, i can't remember if it is exit one or 2..but a bus stop is right in front of it its on the second floor. they are very good. I use them to sit my cat. English may not be the best but the vet seems to speak enough english and I have been very impressed with the service.