English Speaking Dr for vaccines

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English Speaking Dr for vaccines

Hey, I'll be traveling to SE Asia in a few weeks and need to get on my vaccines before heading out.

Can anyone recommend a Dr. in Busan who speaks good English?  I'm looking to get confirmations on which shots to get for where I'm going and English would be a real plus.

Please help if you can with recommendations!

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Re: English Speaking Dr for vaccines

I would highly recommend Seomyon Medical Center. It is located directly across the street from Lotte Hotel. I believe that the reception office is on the 11th floor. There are tons of medical buildings across from Lotte, but there is a signboard alongside the tall building that it is in. One of the doctors, on the 11th floor, studied at Harvard, among other universities, and his English is excellent. I've never been there for vaccines, but he did a great job with routine illnesses that I had. If you have health insurance make sure to bring the book along with you.

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Re: English Speaking Dr for vaccines

Got mine done at Busan University Hospital near Nampodong. They have a free English speaking service that gives you an English speaking nurse who will walk you through all the steps from registering to seeing the doctor.


to make an appointment.

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Re: English Speaking Dr for vaccines

Hello, I work at Dongeui hospital in Yang jeong dong and I am  an RN, the English coordinator.

You can get vaccinations  here and we are open  from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. (some Saturdays)

Some vaccinations require a blood test and you need to see the family medicine specialist before you get the vaccination.

If you contact me at this number,010-9457-8941,I will arrange a doctor's visit at your convenience.