English speaking counselor in Busan

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English speaking counselor in Busan

Hello! I have been searching extensively for an English speaking counselor in or around Busan without much luck.  Does anyone know of any counselors available in the greater Busan area? Thanks!

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Re: English speaking counselor in Busan
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Sue Lee 
Kakao Id: TherapistSue 
Hello, I am Sue ^^ 
I have been working as an English instructor for years, and recently I have changed my career as an Art therapist and Horticultural therapist.  
For your easy understanding, I will simply tell you about each of them. 
There are many alternative therapies (those not using medication). Counselors use words, but art therapists use art. Horticultural therapist use plants. I use many art tools, handicrafts, flowers and natural materials. It's very fun, freeing, and so healthy. These alternative therapies help you find your unconscious/subconscious world by - all by yourself - allowing you to overcome obstacles that may be negatively affecting your life. As a therapist, I believe everyone has their own inner strength - more than enough to heal themselves - and my role is encouraging them to bring that strength forward.  
Art therapy is a lot like psychotherapy - you don't need to complete an art work - you can simply talk when you don't feel like making, or creating anything. While you are trying to create something, you can figure out how you feel. For example, what you need and what you will be like. Art therapists use drawing tests a few times to see what you need in the beginning, and how much you are healed at the end. Art therapy is more focused on your wounded heart. Clients range from children to seniors. This service is offered both as one-on-one, or as a group therapy.  
Horticultural therapy is more like occupational therapy - you need to complete an art work to rehabilitate your body parts, or enhance your brain functions. It may look like a fun handicrafts class, but it comes with with many benefits. You can enjoy the scents of flowers, herbs and make beautiful crafts. Your art work/plants can be a present to your loved one, too. Horticultural therapists work for children and youngsters at schools, people with any handicaps, and seniors at hospitals and nursing homes. 
Both therapies bring smiles and comfort to both the individual involved in the program, and also to the loved ones seeing your improvement- they boost high self-esteem, and good self-image.  
Anyone can enjoy these two therapies for their wholeness, welfare, and a happy daily life. If you have a hard time dealing with everyday stress, and feel anger, or hopelessness, you need these therapies more than others.