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Can anyone tell me if there are English language book stores in Busan and if so do they sell books about Korea which would be suitable as Christmas gifts.   Thanks.

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I have bought books in Kyobo. There is one at Seomyeon and one in Centum City Sinsegae Department store that In know of. The Centum City store is very big and has books on Korea which would be suitable as xmas gifts. 

 I also highly recommend What the Book http://www.whatthebook.com/index.html they are a store in Itaewon, Seoul and this online store. Great selection usually.


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There are dozens of book shops selling books in English about Korea. What sort of book do you want?

If you want a big heavy book full of beautiful, if somewhat cliched, pictures of Korea there are plenty available. Yeong Kwang (sp?) book store in Seomyeon used to have one of the best selections in town downstairs. Take exit 13 and walk straight, it's in front of you to your left.

The book I personally recommend if you want to give someone an interesting insight in to Korean history, politics and culture presented in a very informative and entertaining way is Rhie Won Bok's Korea Unmasked. It's a graphic novel, or cartoon if you will. He himself is a famed Korean political cartoonist.

Here is a review http://www.amazon.com/Unmasked-Search-Country-Society-Graphic/dp/8934917717 note that the cover has since changed. It is also available in most major bookstores.

Then there are a bunch of more academically orientated books on both the north and south. Bruce Cummings seems to be the biggest authority here. My father has read several of his books and says they are informative and fascinating.


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Thank you both very much for your helpful replies.   I will check it all out - I looked at Whatthebook but couldn't seem to find anything about Korea suitable as a keepsake gift.

Thanks again for replying.

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Agree with Mattsid, that Won Bok Rhie book is an excellent one, detailing a lot of differences between Korea, Japan and China also. Very entertaining!

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www.whatthebook.com is a great place to order books.  they are located in seoul and ship very quickly.  they have a large selection of korean books in store that arrive in two days or something like that.  you can just transfer money into their bank account to pay for books.  all those other bookstores are great, too

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I would recommend "Korean Culture and History" published by DoSeo Publisher SeSe: small 4 volume pamphlet series.  As it was offered to G20 diplomats, it is yet officially distributed to our folks.  May need to call the publisher, since the writers are a group of cartoonists.