Eating near KSU/Pukyong

The KSU Pukyong area just became more delicious. Check out E.U. on the 2nd floor across from The Fry Pan if you're in the neighborhood.  Dollar beers, great burritos, pasta, and dessert.  As a vegetarian I have almost starved in Daeyeon dong so am compelled to pass this new find on to others.  It just opened so check it out.  


The owner used to run the good burrito shop in PNU.  If he still does take out the # is 010-5688-6303

Re: Eating near KSU/Pukyong

Could you give some more concrete directions. For example where is the Fry Pan. Or a map reference.

Re: Eating near KSU/Pukyong

Sorry no map but if you break KSU into two sides: bar side(kinoeye, colt 55 etc.) and restaurant side (McDonalds, Thursday Party, restaurant, Lotteria etc.) then it's on the restaurant side across the street from Pukyong University.

His restaurant "EU" is on a street about a block around the corner from the Thursday Party restaurant (not their main bar).  That would be a block around the corner going away from the subway. The best landmark is probably The Fry Pan.  He's across from them and on the second floor.  Hope that helps a little.  Dollar beers, great food, awesome homemade icecream!

The owners name is Superman, seriously.  And his English is great so text or call him if you get turned around.  He'd come find you.  You know the guys cool if he goes as Superman.  His # is 010-5688-6303


Good Luck