EASTER BUFFET at the Seamen's Club at Pier 3 on Sunday, April 8th

open to the entire community as a Korean-American Friendship Event, running 11am ~ 8:30pm.

The menu is, in my opinion, terrific:
Shrimp & Tomato Tequila Cocktail
Crab Bisque with Sweet Corn
Citrus Spinach Salad
Glazed Ham with Pineapple
Roast Beef Provencale
Roast Turkey with Dressing and Giblet Gravy
Baby Carrots with Thyme butter
Baby Potatoes with garlic & rosemary
Pasta Carbonera
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Combination Fried Rice
Cherry Cheese Strudel & Assorted Pies
Iced Tea, Coffee & Lemonade
Adults:  $21.95 / KRW 26,350
Children under 12:  $10.95 / KRW 13,150 [Kids under FOUR are free]
Reservations three ways:
Civilian:  (051) 462-8029
Military DSN 763-7753
Manager Mr. Kim Cell: 010-3863-9638
We look forward to seeing you.
Best regards
Walt Christiansen


Re: EASTER BUFFET at the Seamen's Club at Pier 3 on Sunday, ...

Walt, I hope the Easter turkey is a little better than the Christmas turkey. My wife who is accustomed to eating western food said that the Turkey was a little soggy and tasted like roast beef because the taste of turkey and roast beef had blended together because they were on the same pan.

Furthermore, the mashed potato wasn't mush to rave about because it tasted like 'dried potato mix.'

If I were to give the Christmas dinner a score, I would only give it a B. For the price that is being charged, a person expects A quality.


Having said that, the meal was okay.



Re: EASTER BUFFET at the Seamen's Club at Pier 3 on Sunday, ...

I can concur with the last poster--I stopped going to the Seamen's club years ago when Walt started charging for membership (which forced you to make a trip there at least once a week), and so never came back until last Christmas for their buffet, and it was pretty awful.  If you paid for my next meal there, I still wouldn't go back.

The staff that work there are the laziest sods this side of Wal-Mart.  Most of the dishes were overly sweet (American style, I'm told) and cold.  I was told by one of the waitresses that the only way I was getting turkey was by going into the kitchen directly and demanding it, because they were taking their sweet time carving it all, by which time it was cold beyond belief.  My wife thought the gravy was atrocious. 

If you paid 10,000 won for it, you'd still complain.  Overpriced for the quality of the food and the quality of the non-existent service.

Re: EASTER BUFFET at the Seamen's Club at Pier 3 on Sunday, ...

Hello All,

To answer the last posters question, if you get the take out turkey(like several of us did this last Thanksgiving) it was pretty good. The bummer is that the place used to be great. But the cooks seem to run things these days and it has been hit and miss. So many of my friends and I who used to trek out there have stopped going. Their is also alot more "western" food to be had...

BTW, now that "memberships" can be purchased all I see parked there when I drive by is big black beemers, benzs and the like...

Re: EASTER BUFFET at the Seamen's Club at Pier 3 on Sunday, ...

People don't always want (and sometimes aren't capable of cooking) their own food, so they go out, and the good thing about this place used to be that it was no-frills cooking that was pretty good for what you paid.  It also served real western breakfasts properly.  Perfect for lazy Sundays.

There's nothing I could buy there that I couldn't make better with my own hands, but the latest director told us time and time again that he was forced to keep the current staff on.  The result was more and more mediocrity.  It's a pity but this is the way Walt obviously wants it, because it hasn't changed.

The only reason to go there these days is to get various imported junkfood and over-the-counter medicine, but with online shopping, even that's not such a big deal anymore.

Re: EASTER BUFFET at the Seamen's Club at Pier 3 on Sunday, ...

Yea man, I am totally with you on your sentiments. My comment was in relation to the current situation, staff, and food quality.

I did not know that he was required to keep the staff. If that is the case and his hands are truly tied... well then oh well. I guess their is nothing that can be done, if they cannot be fired they have no motivation to do a good job do they(would like to think they take pride in their work, seems this in not the case).

As for the other guy who said the other places are too expensive.... well get 5-8 people together buy some potatoes, and a turkey from Costco, and bake that sucker...

Re: EASTER BUFFET at the Seamen's Club at Pier 3 on Sunday, ...

I went there for Thanksgiving and it was pretty good.  A whole big group of us ate and everyone seemed pretty satisfied.  The turkey was tasty and not dried out, and the stuffing was decent as well.  I've never gone to the Seamen's Club expecting excellence, but it usually does the job for proper Western stodge, if that's what you're after.

Re: EASTER BUFFET at the Seamen's Club at Pier 3 on Sunday, ...

I have no complaints about the service at the seamans club.  They are aways friendly and eager to serve. I enjoy the buffets, especially today's.  Its a taste of home,  I have yet to find anywhere ese that offers such a spread. The holiday dinners at the hotels are overpriced and disgusting.

My advice to those who complain about the service. Try being nice to them.  If you are nice and friendly, they respond in kind. It is more than likely you are rude to them. 

Mr Kim has a good heart and is a very kind man.  Don't be put off by the naysayers.

Re: EASTER BUFFET at the Seamen's Club at Pier 3 on Sunday, ...

Kat I couldn't agree with you more about being nice, I want anyone who comes in contact with my food to be very happy with me...

However that being said, I have never had "good" service there, I have "ok" service...

Glad that yesterday was good, good to hear good reviews.

Happy Easter~

Re: EASTER BUFFET at the Seamen's Club at Pier 3 on Sunday, ...


If you knew how gracious we always were with the staff for years (not to mention forgiving), you'd presume no more.  My first visit to the Seamen's Club was years before you likely graduated high school.  You have no idea what you're talking about.


I'd written off the place when the memberships came into existence, but subsequent to that, we gave them about 2 shots at their various holiday buffets and they were found sorely lacking--both my wife and I, and the people we brought, most of whom had very low expectations.  If you place such a premium on the place, then by all means plant your flag there.  I'm simply one of the nay-sayers who's recently given the place another chance when it had exhausted all of my goodwill, and it turned out I was right to have written the joint off.  Caveat emptor.