E2 Visa Reapplication

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E2 Visa Reapplication

I finished my contract on July 3rd, 2012 and left the country. I was told by a possible employer that I had 90 days to reapply for a renewed visa using the same documents that I used to get my previous E2 Visa. I would then enter the country on a tourist visa within those 90 days, reapply for the visa, then fly to Japan, visit the Korean Consulate there, and fly back into the country on a new E2 visa. 

Can anyone verify this 90 day grace period and the possiblity of reapplying the same documents used for the previous E2 visa? 


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Re: E2 Visa Reapplication

I am not sure about that but   you should go to Busan immigration and ask them or call    1345   thats the number in Korea to call .  Rules  change suddenly anyway . I have heard horror   stories of someone going to Australia for a holiday for a week and later they were asked for a police report but they were not from Aussie .

    Does anyone know if its possible go aplotolize a diploma while in Korea .? I think USA embassy does do notory service .