E-2 FBI CBC Misdemeanor Question

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E-2 FBI CBC Misdemeanor Question

I'm F-4, and I'm not very familiar with E-2 questions so I thought I'd ask here.


I recently caught up with a buddy back stateside who asked me about teaching in Korea, and got him interested. I sent him the necessary links and such to get him started. He then asked me about the FBI CBC.

He has a low-level misdemeanor on his record, cited as Exhibition of Speed. Basically he said he squealed his tires and got ticketed. He said he was not arrested for the misdemeanor, but pleaded guilty and paid a fine with community service. This is was nearly 8 years ago.


Would this prevent him from getting an E-2 sponsor? I dunno what to tell the guy. But any input and feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: E-2 FBI CBC Misdemeanor Question

No way to know until he tries, that is a very obscure infraction, though some police consider it a big deal. Seems a lot of these questions these days an no body has called the MOJ or IMI to find out what the parameters are for the Crim check... 

Seems that may be the next thing to do.