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Dr. Fish

Does anyknow where you can go and get your feet eaten by fish?  I know there is a Dr. Fish in PNU, but are there any other locations around the city?

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Used to be a place in the

Used to be a place in the Bujeon underground shopping mall, which leads off from the Seomyeon underground shopping mall, but that was several years ago so no idea if it's still there.

Some other places are discussed on this old post, but I know the KyungSung place is no longer there.


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 There is also a coffee shop

 There is also a coffee shop in Kyungsung with Dr. Fish.  It's on the second or third floor in a building near all the bars, but it was really hard to find.  We just kept asking people, and eventually somebody walked us to it.  Sorry for the lack of information ^^

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Dr Fish

There is a Dr. Fish cafe in Seomyeon, but I don't have the directions on me at the moment.

Alternatively, the spa in the Nongshim hotel in Oncheonjang (the biggest spa in asia) has a Dr. Fish service in the jimjilbang area.

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Seomyeon GONE

 I tried going to the one in Seomyeon and it is not there anymore. 

I tried once just using directions I found on here I think and we ended up at a bar. I asked the people working where is Dr. Fish and they said "Dr. Fish, NO MORE!" 

Tried again with a friend who was convinced there was a different one. There was not. It was in the same place he had been to just a few months ago. 

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doctor fish

The one at the spa in PNU Hoshinchong (or however that is spelled) appears to have disappeared. Some friends of mine went yesterday and when they asked about it they were told 'no more fish.'