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What's the deal with this place?  Does it have no full time teachers?  I always see it posting part-time jobs offering 30K/hour.  Do they really get competent people at that rate?  And their location sucks, why would anyone work part-time at that rate?

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dong-a university has full time teachers and also works with a guy who owns a hagwon to find extra teachers for them for irregular classes for their students. nice enough guy but he is a business man. dong-a pays him the rate of maybe 50-70,000won and he pays the teachers less, taking a portion of the rate.

if you want to do some extra work, just ask for more money. room to negotiate im sure.
The problem is...there are many 'teachers' here who will work for 30,000/hour so as long as that is happening....he wont need to pay more.

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They have full time staff - I know a couple people who work there.  They are just advertising for someone to come in and teach extra classes, I assume.  Probably aren't even part of the regular curriculum - housewife class, adult conversation - that sort of thing.  I agree that the money is low for brining in a part-timer.  I certainly wouldn't hump all the way to Hadong for such crap pay.

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Dong-a has full time staff.


The posting is only for winter camp. Dong-a does not have class until March 2011, so the full time staff is on vacation. Anyone that wants to continue to work until the regular semester will not have a chance.

No hagwon is connected with the university.

Yes the location sucks, so don't work there.

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Another falicy is people who think if they do this program they might get a foot in the door so to speak.(into the university). You won't. 

 It would take less time for me to drive from Masan to Hadan then it would from just about any other part of Busan to Hadan.  For the final nail in the coffin; the pay is lousy.

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''if you want to do some extra work, just ask for more money. room to negotiate im sure.
The problem is...there are many 'teachers' here who will work for 30,000/hour so as long as that is happening....he wont need to pay more. ''

EXACTLY!!!!!  As long as there are takers of this crap they will continue to offer such. Please people don't be a sucker. This isn't even short term gain/long term pain kind of thing. It's short term pain/long term pain. If you have any self worth or dignity don't lower yourself to these wages. 

I'm glad most of the posts here have mentioned the fact that the pay really isn't upto par. 

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I'm glad someone made a post about this....   god what awful pay right?       

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I don't know why you guys are getting so bent out of shape about the pay scale--it's about standard for hogwons and universities, albeit on the low side of the scale.  For some people it's about the total amount at the end of the job, and they'd rather make 90,000 for three hours/classes versus 50,000 for one hour and having to get out of bed for that one hour.

Myself, I wouldn't bother, but there will always be people willing to take 25 g's for a class because it's all about the dough-ray-mi.

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Or lack of it in this case. Listen you your own words.

You yourself say; why are you guys so concerned about the pay? then you proceed to say it is low and then you proceed to say you wouldn't do it? or would you really?

People who are not stable or willing to stay the pay course get eaten alive by these swindlers.  I wouldn't tramp across town for 50,000w for one hour but I might take 3 hours for 50,000w each in the same vicinity or nearing complex. This camp deal is just not current. I got the same pay as this in the late 90s.

Anyway....merry christmas to all and to all a good fight with in-laws over the holiday period.   


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No, they don't get eaten alive, they just take the jobs you'll turn down.  There's room enough for anyone in this country to earn a living and then some.  My first few years in this country, I worked plenty of crap gigs because I was desperate; my job at the time just wasn't lucrative enough, and I couldn't get any breaks.  THAT'S why these jobs still exist.

You missed my point entirely--it's very rare for Universities to offer very much more for what amounts to glorified privates, and it's irrelevant how much profit they make versus how much they pay.  When you buy a used car, do you ask the person how much they paid for it originally?  It's what you're willing to pay, or in this case, how badly you need the money.  That's all.

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If someone want so live the life of a scab they have bigger issues to deal with than settling for crap work. They have self worth and esteem issues.  I couldn't imagine going through life taking positions that no one else would want.  Talk about sloppy seconds on an epic level.

Oh... and for your information many luxury cars here that are sold used usually have the original bill of sale posted in the maint. receipt book or a photocopy on the window(driver's side back). Why? because it's a ploy to make you think the car is worth more than it really is currently.   Look! This car was 79,000,000 new and I'm giving it to you today only for 56,000,000(it might be blue book for 49,000,000). Some people impulse buy and fall for this kind of stuff without research.  

My wife all most bought me a used A8 in this fashion but decided on a new A6 instead, the guy was just too mr. slick for her.  

Merry Christmas to you anyway.

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work that pays is great.  people that complain about people taking work have  problems.  people that complain may have self esteem issues, but that is a never ending topic.  this is a totally different world here, but if people want to take potshots at people for taking jobs that pay different amounts of cash in hand, well, that is just sad.  work is work and there is nothing wrong with accepting cold hard cash for a job, regardless of the amount

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Merry Christmas Elmo, may you have a nice holiday season.  Bundle up if going out, it's a cold one today.