Does anyone know where to get Spin bike/ exercise equipment?

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Does anyone know where to get Spin bike/ exercise equipment?

Hi does anyone know where to buy a new or used spin bike or workout equipment? I am looking for workout bands also. I have checkd Lotte and Mega Mart and so far no luck on either. I know there is a fitness shop somewhere but do not know where. Please help!

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I can't think of anywhere

I can't think of anywhere specifically, but I have a set of 4 KG (a little over 8 1/2 pounds) weights and a jump rope, and a fitness band I could sell you.  (and possibly a yoga mat and fitness ball, but haven't quite decided if I want to sell them yet!)  I live by Haeundae Beach (jung-dong exit) and work in Centum City, if you're interested shoot me an email or give me a text/call! [email protected] 010-9880-8515  ~Shannon

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Well they are readily

Well they are readily available online at places like gmarket, but seem to be cost around the 400 buck mark, is that what you would expect to pay? Seems expensive to me.

There is also a fitness shop in Haeundae that may stock them. Never been there, but passed it a dozen times on the bus. It's on the same main road that Haeundae station is on. If you get to the subway and head in the opposite direction to SFunz (toward Bexco / Centum I guess it's about a 5-10 minute walk on the left hand side of the road. It's a pretty large looking place so would be difficult to miss.

Or why don't you just join a local gym. They are cheap 50-100 bucks a month depending on what facilities you are looking for and they have everything you are looking for.