Diabetic traveler looking to work in Korea with Q's on medical check!!

I'm considering traveling to Korea to teach English. I've had many friends who've had this experience and loved it but did not have any medical concerns. I am an insulin-dependent diabetic and have spoken with my endocronologist here in the states about traveling - on our end, we've mostly figured out how this will work if I were to teach abroad.

However, has anyone ever experienced issues with the medical check once they have arrived in Korea due disease? Is there a chance I would not be employed because of my medical condition? It seems the only reason you would fail the test is 1) tesing positive for illegal substances or 2) testing positive for HIV/AIDS...is this correct?

Any help would be appreciated!!


Re: Diabetic traveler looking to work in Korea with Q's on ...

In my opinion the medical exam main areas of search are for hiv/aids  , drugs in system , and some sickness that could be spread in casual contact , I do not think diabetic related issues are a concern , After taking test they would likely try to treat the issue ,