Criminal background check

Does anyone know if Immigration requires a new criminal background check for teachers changing to new jobs?  I submitted my background check last year for my current job, but if I change jobs will they require another one? 

If anyone has submitted a check for a job, and then changed jobs, please let me know what your experience was.



It depends..

If you're transferring from one job to another and you're not leaving the country, you won't need another background check.  If you leave Korea for more than 30 days, however, you'll need a new background check that has been completed within the past 6 months.



Where can I have this document sent to?

I'd like to have my criminal background check sent to my house before I send it off to jobs and here's why. I don't know what's going to show up and I don't want to start applying for jobs without knowing what's showing up. I am as far as having the letter that the local PD printed up that says I'm clean as a whistle sent to my state's State Dept. so they can affix an apostille stampt to it or whatever which makes it legit. I'm right so far, right? I'm wondering where I should request that it be sent? I'd like to have it sent to my house rather than having it directly sent to whatever hagwon I apply to.

I'm months away from looking for jobs (need to get a renewed passport AND a new diploma which I have been apprised may take up to 3 months to process and send out(!)) and I want to take care of this criminal background portion as soon as possible.

Moreoever, I have some prior convictions from other cities. Seriuosly very minor shit like an underage drinking ticket and 2 shoplifting tickets. Both of those shoplifties were for negligible things when I was like 17 yrs. old but old enough to get arrested for it. Anyway, I'm afraid those are the kind of things that are going to keep me from getting a job. But I'm trying to circumvent it by doing it in the city I live in now (a different city than where I grew up but not a different state) and maybe the State Dept. won't see those priors. I'm not optimistic but I'm going to try before I move to Plan B which is to go to another state and stay with a friend for a few weeks and try to have it done there. That option is more expensive and more time consuming, and let's be honest, I dont' have a lot of money to begin with, which is one reason I'm considering looking for work in Korea.

Anyway, if someone can help me with this. Again, Im' just wondering if I can request that the apostille stamp be sent to my home address and then I just send that to the school instead of requesting it be sent to the school directly.

Background Check

 Dear Gypsy,

I am not an attorney but I think I have an answer for you. Depending on what state you're from, how long ago the offenses were, if they were felonies or misdemeanors , your background check may generate a rap sheet. If it does you need to get your record expunged. If you don't send a clean background check you might get rejected. Check on your state attorney general's website to check the statute to be sure you can do the expungement. This may cost some money for an attorney because some counties, from my state, require a hearing and time and an attorney and yada-yada. Other counties may require filing papers and waiting. Depends on the severity of the offense. Again, I'm not an attorney. I had a relative go through this and this is what I recall happening. 

Good luck,


crim check requirements

You should be able to re-use your previous crim check but provide a fresh copy in your new visa app.