Counselling in Busan

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Counselling in Busan

I am looking for English counselling services in the Busan area.   Preferably counselling from an international doctor (native English speaker) and not over the internet.  So far, the majority of international counselling services appear to be located in Seoul.  If anyone has information regarding services available in Busan, please let me know.

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Re: Counselling in Busan


This is the information which I got from the clinical psychologist working at my hospital.( Dongeui Medical Center)

She said that there are only a few psychologists and counsellors in Busan  although there are many psychiatrists.

Many psychiatrists can speak English well but not many psychologists or counsellors are able to counsel in English.

If you need to see an Enlgish speaking psychiatrist  here in Dongeui Medical Center, please call me at 010-9457-8941.

Rn. Lee, hei sung