Cooking in Korea

Hey all,

Just wanted to pass along my blog for those trying to figure out what and how to cook in Korea. Enjoy. My site is also listed under BLOGS. I hope it helps.


Your stuff looks good. But,

Your stuff looks good. But, why do you have be ovenless? Convection ovens ain't that expensive here (70-120 bucks for something decent)

Re: Your stuff looks good. But,

My husband actually got me a convection oven for Christmas... but I know several people who have not invested in one yet and so this is for those who have not or need ideas for stove top dinner options. But thank you for the info for those interested in ordering their own ovens! :) 


There are tons of counter top convection ovens on G Market for under $100, and a number that are are under $50 even.

I just typed in 'convection oven' in G Market and got a ton of hits. The link is unsorted and I find that the English search results on G Market are more expensive than the Korean hits, so with a bit of creative searching on the Korean side of things, I'm sure you could get one cheaper than the ones on my link.

We used a basic toaster oven for years before we got a 'real' oven to bake chickens, cookies, pita bread, banana bread...anything.

Matt's right. There really isn't any reason to go ovenless in Korea when you can cook everything but a turkey in a counter top toaster oven/convection oven.

This is the oven I got about

This is the oven I got about 3 years ago and I use it almost daily. In fact I am not sure how I ever lived in Korea for almost 5 years previously without an oven. It cost me just over 100 but the price has obviously gone up a bit over the last few years. It has a rotisserie for chicken which is kind of neat.

Company is called Wiswell. Which I think is Korean. I thought about getting a regular oven, but honestly the convection does everything I need. Except it can't fit a turkey! For that I go to my friend's house!

There are of course larger and smaller models as well as a ton of other companies.