Comparison of schools (&locations) in Busan....

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Comparison of schools (&locations) in Busan....
Anyone have any opinions on the following (about the school or location)? I'm just reviewing contracts for these schools:
1. Francis Parker Academy (formerly called Worwick, had a bad rep, under new management now) in Gwangan
2. Rise/Time (new location opening in March) in Centum, Haeundae
3. Centum ILS in Centum, Haeundae
4. Berkeley Language School in Il-Dong, Haeundae
5. Namgu Kids Club in Namgu (supposedly near the University and Gawngali beach)
6. Gaegum COREM in Gaegum
7. SLP Gaegum in Gaegum
all contracts and schedules are fairly similar (and mostly kindy teaching 9-6)! So I'm looking for advice on school reputation and location