Coming to Perth Western Australia

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Coming to Perth Western Australia
If you are thinking of travelling to Western Australia, why not come and enjoy the full cultural experience with us. We have been providing homestay, friendships and support to many Korean and Japanese people for many years.
If you are looking for a place to stay or friendship during your travels we could be exactly what you are looking for. The type of support we can offer you include
1.      Accommodation share or homestay style (all inclusive).
2.      Airport pick up
3.      Advice and direction on a range of topics.
4.      English tutoring
5.      Support throughout your university study
6.       General friendship and much more
About us, we are a happy married couple, both are professionals He is a biologist and academic, she a social worker counselor. We are friendship and supportive people. Check with other Koreans who have and remain part of our life.
We are very open to negotiate your time with us all aspects of your time here in Perth Australia. Email your enquiry and discuss your next vacation or overseas trip. My name is Miso my email is [email protected] looking forward to hearing form you soon.