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clothing wholesale suppliers


I was hoping someone could help me contact the wholesale contacts for the following childrens clothing companies. Amber, Amber Pure, Estelle, Annika.


After a great deal of hunting I am still unable to contact them I have tried various emails and no response.


Much help would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards

Michelle Dods


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Re: clothing wholesale suppliers

Hi Michelle,


Have you found the contacts you were looking for? I'm on the same boat.


Kind regards



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Re: clothing wholesale suppliers

Dear Michelle,

I know it has been a while since you posted, but I will reply anyway since I know more people are having problems getting hold of these brands and I am guessing you haven't succeeded yet. I really hope you have not lost your interest after all this trouble because I can help you.

The Korean children fashion brands you mention are very succesful in Korea and the surrounding countries. However, they are not equiped to deal with international enquiries, which has to do with the language barrier and the hassle of import requirements being different for each country.

My company handles overseas sales for many Korean children fashion brands, including the ones you mentioned and more. Through us these brands now reach retailers from around the world. On our site you will conveniently find all these brands side by side in one handy wholesale shop. You only need to register for free to get access to our pricing.

Please have a look at our website for more information or reply on this thread with any further questions.