Classified Comments

I would like to give my opinion about the option to blog following people's classified ads.

In regular classifieds, a seller posts an ad and a potential buyer contacts the seller if they have interest.  In my last post, and I should stress 'last,' two people chose to blog under my post about what a scoundrel I was for trying to sell a t.v. at 50% of what was paid for it after seven months of use.

Just prior to posting, I watched the ugly bickering between Busan_Jeff who was selling his Daelim motorcycle for the normal price of 500,000 Won and joshuabeagle immediately told him, "Oh, you can't ask for more than 400,000 Won for that bike.  I have no interest in it but I'll give you 250,000."

If joshuabeagle had no interest, why was he allowed to influence other potential buyers by attaching his post to Busan_Jeff's post?

I think KoreaBridge offers a great service and has a multitude of well put together components.  I will continue to use and appreciate the photos, calendars, videos, and possibly even for purchasing items.  I will not post anything more for sale.

For reference, I posted a 50" Plasma T.V. that my friend bought for 1,690,000 Won, in July.  (He was given some glassware as his discount.)  In the fall, the price of that t.v. dropped to 1,350,000 Won.  I posted his t.v. at 900,000 Won (roughly 53% of what my friend paid and 67% of the current brand new price). 

Following my post, F-2 Teacher attached his comments that you can walk into a store and say "How much-e?" and they will sell you the 1,350,000 t.v. for 950,000 Won.  I know that F-2 Teacher has too much time on his/her hands but after asking "Olma-yeyo?" to the clerk, in July, my friend was told 1,690,000 Won.  My friend heard the price and decided to buy it.  Maybe he should have dragged his knuckles on the floor and disrespectfully said, "How much-e?"

Not to be outdone, Solid Champ attached his comments about how 'unreasonable' people are becoming on KoreaBridge because they are attempting to sell their items for 'near their purchase price.'  I know Solid Champ doesn't have a large I.Q. because 53% of the purchase price is obviously not 'near the purchase price' and I checked on his other comments about "Somebody just got told..." but why do you allow people like him/her to make your site such an unfriendly place?

My ultimate decision, I will keep the t.v. and give my friend 1,000,000 Won.  The t.v.'s certainly worth it, I just don't like big screens, or I would have bought it from him in the first place.  I won't post things for sale on your site, anymore, because unless I'm willing to give things away, I will be brow beaten.

I would love to see you remove the blogging ability after people's classifieds.  If not, is it possible to remove these bloggers' posts?  Even if you don't have the time or energy to monitor these people, those people that are posting could do it themselves, if they had to.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


Kyle Tisland


[email protected]


I think that they should keep

I think that they should keep the ads open for opinions, questions about the item or other comments.  I was looking for a Magic 8 ball as a christmas gift and someone responded on where I could find it on line. That response was very helpful.

Solidchamp has strong opinions and is not shy about expressing them.  I don't always agree with him but I believe he is spot on about this one.  I look at the prices that many people want for their used stuff and am shocked.  Used stuff in Korea is cheap except on P-web.  Go ahead and ask a price for your stuff but don't get offended when someone else says "thats way over the market value".  It's used stuff. 

Wht does this 'F2 has too

Wht does this 'F2 has too much time on his hands ' have to do with anything? You want to rip people for the sake of being married?

Do you know how many people I've saved from crappy jobs by allowing comments on these posts? I've gotten at least 11 private messages from people thanking me quoting 'I did't know current part-time renumeration'.

If people are dumb enough ot buy used stuff at quoted prices then that's their problem. Alowing comments keeps people in check.


Comments on Comments and Truth in Commenting

 tislandk, thanks for starting this thread.  My goal in allowing comments was to encourage a civil, useful exchange of information.  I'm willing to follow the community on this though.  Would welcome more comments and will toss another poll up about this soon. 

LBS, hope you enjoyed your commenting sabbatical.  Had to check on your claim of receiving 11 PM's thanking you for your comments.  Checked the logs and you have received less than 11 PM's in total and most of the ones you have received have been from me asking you to tone it down and/or take a break. 

FYI, I do not normally look at users' PM's, but everything that happens on the site is automatically logged. 

Thanks for the I.Q. comment...

because such an "insult" is certainly warranted in this case. (insert sarcastic smiley here)

Considering you've been so thorough in delivering your insights on this matter, I'd like to offer you a violin.  Such a post deserves a little bit of sheet music to go with it.  Kyle, believe me when I say that my comment on your ad was nothing personal, and merely an extension of my aggravation over the state of the Koreabridge these days.

Regardless of what you paid for that television, whenever that may have been, it is not worth 900,000 won.  Whether you chose to take that information and use it as a guideline for pricing your TV or not is entirely up to you, you're free to sell it for whatever you want.  Just know that there will be people who will call you out on your lack of knowledge on the current pricing of things.  PDP's like the one you're selling can be found at an even 1,000,000, brand new in the LG shops.  That's brand new, delivered and installed.  This is not factoring in the ever dropping Gmarket prices.  You want to get "half of what was paid", go right ahead and try.  Just know that despite your attempt to recoup your own losses, your offer is a rip off to your "potential buyers".  Those potential buyers are more than likely coming from the same walk of life as you.  Expat.  Relatively new here.  Trying to carve out a comfortable living for themselves in a foreign country.  Trying to spruce up what may or may not be a "lame" apartment.  Trying to save a buck to send money home to pay off student loans.

Granted, this is a broad generalization and I can't really speak for the entire expat community, but this is where a lot of people are coming from.  How many of us are drinking CASS-UH and HITE-UH at the bars because "it's damn cheap"?  Well if that's what they're forced to drink due to budgetary constraints, you think they want to buy your TV only to find out they got ripped off by a fellow expat?  I'm not insinuating that this is your intention, but it really sucks for the person buying because maybe they bought it not knowing that they could get a better bargain somewhere else.

iPods, macbooks, netbooks, TV's, sofas...I wish I had the time and the resolve to list all of the bogus deals I've seen on here.  Just last year we witnessed a guy trying to sell his used macbook for the BRAND NEW LIST PRICE.  It should be noted that it's not only "Joshuabeagle" and myself who are calling people out on their raw deals.  Tons of people are quick to post Gmarket links with the current list price of certain goods.

Remove the option to comment on classifieds, you say?  I think you'd be stripping the community of an invaluable service.  It helps tip the balance of power in favor of the honest people who are willing to help guide their fellow expats to better bargains.  There are a lot of douche nozzles posting classifieds who have no problem with trying to make a buck on the backs of their fellow expats.  I'm not saying that's you, and I'm not saying you should take a huge loss on your TV...I'm just saying that you should be a bit more informed before setting your price.

Also worth noting, and any tech-head/gadget-loving-geek will know, that the minute you purchase an electronics device, open it, and start using it (iPods especially) automatically loses 50% of it's market value.  So the minute you got that TV new, it was already only worth "roughly 53%" of what you paid.  This is just how it works, and most tech-saavy geeks know this.

I'd also like to cite my recent purchase experience for further reference on the state of Koreabridge.  I purchased a netbook a few months ago, the guy who sold it to me claims it was an order mix-up.  He ordered one for himself on the internet, but apparently they sent him two, even though he requested one in the quantity box.  So according to him it's brand new, but it was already opened when I got there.  He couldn't produce an internet receipt (or any kind of receipt for that matter).  When I did the math for the value of the netbook vs what he was asking for it...I realized that he was actually going to make money off of me.  I mentioned this to him and his response was "Oh yeah, I know.  I had planned to make money off of it.  I never said I was going to sell it for the purchase price".

Now I don't have a problem with that, and I bought the netbook from him anyway because it was an American model so I didn't have to purchase the same one here and worry about the Korean language OS and keyboard.  To be fair, it wasn't the worst deal in the world.  More power to him for making an extra buck from me.  What I'm using this example for is to point out the mindset of some people.  Some of them simply don't give a flying f*%*.  You'll get ripped off, and they'll smile while they take your money.  The way of the world, to be sure...but screwing over your fellow expats?  Fine, go ahead and try to pull that fast one...just know that there will always be people like me ready and waiting to call you out on it.

How's my I.Q. looking?  Average at this point?


By the way...

"I checked on his other comments about "Somebody just got told..." but why do you allow people like him/her to make your site such an unfriendly place?" - Kyle

I don't think that particular potshot of mine was uncalled for, considering how unreasonable their asking price was. Go back and read the finer details. My comments are only ever as friendly as the deals being offered.

Sorry...not PMs but emails. I

Sorry...not PMs but emails. I still have conversations with many of these people. I think I've only ever recieved PMs from you and a guy who I ripped. Also sorry about the spelling in my last it was nasty. Is there spell check above where we post? I can't find it if there is.....

Civility/Supply vs. Demand/PowerTripPolice

I'm impressed, if not surprised, by the replies to my opinion.  In my suggestion, I referred to the regular law of supply and demand.  I posted an expensive t.v., listed it at 53% of the purchase price after seven months, and asked for the best offer.

Prior to this listing, I had posted the same t.v. about two months before, asking for 1.2 million won (70% of the purchase price).  A civilized gentleman called me with interest, offered 1 million won and asked when he could come pick it up.  I told him that he could come "look" at it that night because I didn't want to "pull a fast one" as Solid Champ suggested is my intent.  That afternoon, the civilized gentleman called me back and said he had found that the t.v.'s now sold for 1,350,000 won.  I thanked him for the information, and used that information in re-listing a few days ago.

The long story: my friend bought the t.v., went home with the intent to return, and changed his mind.  Now, instead of storing his t.v. until his return, I must choose to sell the t.v. for him or buy it, myself.  I have little interest in big screen t.v.s but I also hate to see my friend get taken advantage of by the low-ball bullies that appear on this site.  So, I posted the t.v. knowing that not many short-term expats would have interest in buying an expensive luxury item.  I listed the t.v. at 900,000 or best offer and was prepared to give it away for as low as 500,000 won, in which case, I would pay the other 500,000 to my friend (=1.0 million won in total). 

In the civilized place that I grew up in, what would have happened was if someone didn't like my price, they would have not attempted to buy the t.v. or they would have asked if I would lower the price.  Consequently, I would have found what the market value was of the t.v.  I have to be honest, I was trained as a teacher and I tought back home for nine years before coming to Korea.  I cannot pretend to be a "tech-savvy geek" as Solid Champ called them.  I take my job, here, seriously and don't have a lot of extra time to run around asking, "How much-e?" in order to find the correct market value.  I wasn't trained to be a market-analyst.  I wasn't trained as a salesman.  Just a simple teacher.

So, in my first posting, I listed the t.v. for a price that I would consider reasonable for the t.v.  A civilized gentleman, with interest, informed me that the recent price was less.  I thanked him and lowered the price.

After my second posting, I was berated and attacked by people that had no interest in my t.v., but had time on their hands and found a purpose in their lives to fight for something they believe in (i.e. Thwarting the evil plans of capitalist pigs, such as myself.) 

Mr. Bascomb:

You told me that the blogs were useful because somebody helped you find a Magic 8 Ball during Christmas time.  Hey, I think that's great!  If I asked for help on KoreaBridge, I sure hope somebody would help me, too.  However, you told me not to be offended when something is "way over the market value."  I'm curious about your training as a market analyst and which class told you that 53% and 'best offer' were "way over the market value?"


You accused me of wanting to "rip people for the sake of being married."  I'm guessing that you were referring to 'F-2 Teacher' and the connotation of his visa/marital status.  You are much smarter and more cynical than I am.  I actually had to think about where your comment stemmed from and then I realized that F-2 must indicate someone is married and then I had to guess that you connected a married person's life to the meaning that one has too much time on his hands.  Honestly, I must tell you that I think a married person's life is much more demanding than a single person's life.  My actual meaning behind the comment, "F-2 Teacher has too much time on his hands" was referring to his blogging on people's classified ads even when he had no interest in the item.

By the way, I'm happy that you saved many people from crappy jobs.

Solid Champ:

You began by mentioning that your comment wasn't personal, just "an extension of your aggravation over the state of Korea Bridge these days."  I can understand that.  I am no saint and I've over-reacted more times than I can count when I've been frustrated by other things. 

Again, you told me that "regardless of what [my friend] paid, the t.v. is not worth 900,000 won."  Solid Champ, I did not say the t.v. was worth 900,000 won.  I said I was asking for 900,000 won or best offer.  Incidentally, I think the t.v. is worth more than that.  I just don't think I can get that price for my friend advertising amongst the ex-pat community on KoreaBridge. 

A week or two, ago, I read somebody's blog about people aceepting jobs in Korea for low money.  The blogger asked people to 'unionize' and stop accepting low-paying jobs because they lower the overall pay for all jobs in Korea.  Of course, again, law of supply and demand.  More people want to come to Korea, they are accepting jobs at lower salaries, and Korean companies are adapting.  My point?  On KoreaBridge, people sell their items at 5% or 10% of what they paid for them.  Why?  They are leaving the country and 5% or 10% is better than 0%.  Well, it makes it a great place to shop but sure opens you up to a lot of attacks if you ask for 50%.  Do I want to 'unionize' KoreaBridge and ask people to stop selling at ridiculously low prices?  No.  I posted a t.v. at what I considered was a fair price, was willing to pay my friend the difference so he received a fair price, and was completely willing to just keep the t.v. or give it to somebody else.  In the end, my friend will receive a fair price and I will keep the t.v. or give it to somebody of value.

The last thing I expected was to be accused of "offer[ing] to rip of [my] 'potential buyers' or 'screwing over [my] fellow expats." 

I didn't come to Korea to make money.  I earn roughly 70% of what I get paid as a teacher, back home.  I came to Korea to expand my abilities as a teacher and I can happily say that I feel as if I'm succeeding at that.  It was never my goal to become a money-grubbing scoundrel and it certainly wasn't to waste a lot of time responding to bloggers that have appointed themselves as the KoreaBridge Police.  "You have the nerve to ask for more than 10% of what you paid... just know there will always be people like me ready & waiting to call you on it."  I'm glad you found a purpose for your time in Korea.  Mine is teaching.

Take care & please give me a call if you want to meet so we can further discuss the state of KoreaBridge and general economic philosophies.  I much prefer live discussion because I already spend far too much time on my computer working on my lesson plans.




Good morning and thank you, I

Good morning and thank you, I try my best to expose people that are trying to take advantage of either naive foreigners or unbeknownst ones.

I think your post is a different matter all together as it deals with a tanglible product and I don't really see how allowing comments on those helps anyone. If you get no bites then you would be forced to reduce the price. A random comment saying 'I can get it for cheaper elsewhere' should be sent a retort of 'go ahead then'. I'm standing firm. 

Job ads? definately allow comments. Selling merchandise? no need.   

Re: Classified Comments

These comments were copied from:


I like what you're doing here, Champ.  I've been seeing too many people coming on koreabridge over the years, trying to sell used stuff for ridiculous prices.  Even sillier are the people who sell one item for 5,000 won, something they could just give away.  Or people who sell their used slacks and dress shirts.

That's a really good find for info, Sa-rah.  It just proves what we already know, he's asking way too much and being wholly unreasonable and immature about it.  His dishonest nature has helped to further the point I've been trying to make about expats selling their used stuff...most of them are extremely greedy and pretentious.

People like this need to be made an example of.  Like the previous ad of absurdity where that chick was selling her USED BOARD GAME, Risk, for 40,000won.  She said she'd be willing to accept offers, so I asked her why she's selling it for the new price and offered her 20,000won.  She said "No, I can only go as low as 30,000won", to which I finally conceded (my friend and I really wanted it).  I call her back to agree to her counter-offer, and she tells me "No...sorry...somebody will give me 40,000won"

I mean, more power to her for getting that (though it could've been B.S.)...but DAMN!  40,000won for a used board game?  Really?  I'll be sure to ask for 50,000won for my used MONOPOLY set before I leave...seeing as how I only played it once.

Seriously, you people suck!

Jay Vander
Quit trying to rip people off! Pretty ugly thing to do. 

And I have been saying this for a long time-people, where are you from that you need 2 bucks for used books and other crap? Come one! The stuff getting peddled on here is ridiculous.  I have seen semi used shoes, partly used perfumes and so on over the years. Give the junk away! I really think this site needs to have a sale limit price. Things under 10 or 20 bucks should be banned! I would be embarrassed putting crap on here hoping to make 5 bucks but that is just me.

I dont understand why people get angry when others want to charge a higher (than YOU expected) price for their used stuffs.
Used stuffs are NOT free stuffs, if someone don't want to spend $1000 on a new frige but try to find a similar one with $100 on Koreabridge............what's wrong with those who have bought that new fridge and now want to sell it for $900?  To me, they are exactly same.
You people should be fair.
Also is this a free market? Used goods are not necessarily cheaper things... If the board game can only be found back in the states, it is reasonable she asks buyers to bid.

I really think public comments on classified ads need to be disabled.

Every time I browse the forums I come across people making personal attacks on each other. It disgusts me.

If an expat wants to place an ad to sell an item, regardless of his asking price, that's his right. Informing the public of going rates for the item is acceptable but when the comments start turning into attacks, it ruins this website for everyone.

I think there's a big difference between "personal attacks" and "putting people in their place".  This guy is one of the few examples of a person who seriously needs to be put in his place, regardless of how unpleasant it may seem.  He's being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk, which is his God given right, but it needs to be acknowledged at the very least.  People need to stop being so touchy, you're offended way too easily.  The comments are fine, simply because it lets people know that they can't get away with swindling their fellow expats without at least having to answer for it.  You want to charge outrageous prices, sure, that is your right to do so.  Just know that some people won't stand for it, and you will be told.
I once saw used bathroom slippers, puppies and tampons. Scammers is not the word for some sellers on the classified forum, but it's not far away(Sc-m).Sometimes, I think wtf, you cheap, greedy, naive, and deluded SOBs.It will be used toilet paper next.

Re: Classified Comments

The main reason Koreabridge has comments on classified ads is to provide visitors with as much information as possible.  I think the discussions about fair pricing are useful and as long as things don't turn nasty, the back and forth is fine.  The periodic hand wringing that goes on about people who offer low value, used items, for low prices is unnecessary and often borders on harassment.  We get it!  Some of you think it's crazy to try and get 5000won for a used item.  Not everyone does. If someone is content to sell an item W5000, and someone else is willing to buy it for 5000, so be it. Good for them. Trust the free market.   If it's really so crazy, no one will buy it. There's no need to demean people because of it. 

 I respect your right to have the opinion, but please respect other peoples' rights to have a different one. My concern is that this kind of badgering is going to make people less likely to post here - are those KB vigilantes going to hound me if they think I'm selling something of too little value?  Why take the chance?  I believe that the disgust F2Canadianteacher expresses is shared by many. 

If some of you continue to feel the need to express your contempt for the low priced ads then start a blog and express it there, but please keep the insulting comments off of others' ads.  If you really have to vent, post it in this forum thread and not on the classified ad itself (and still leave the insults out).  Please note, I'm not talking about providing information showing that something is being sold for an unreasonable price. I'm talking about the 'You idiot, how can you sell a used widget for 5000won. Just give it away, you cheapskate' comments

Re: Classified Comments

I agree with the champ. In life, people are allowed to sell and do what they want but free speech is prohibited? People are way too sensitive. The idea you can post ads trying to make a buck by ripping someone off is okay but commenting on them-not the person, is not? Freedom works both ways! Buyer beware is always okay but saying you are a weasel for trying to scam others is offensive? I dont get that. It is totally illogical. Those who say some people complain on here about jobs or for sale items too much are also just complaining and putting people down in a backwards kind of way. You cant have it both ways! Thats is what makes freedom of speech so important. Sadly, you have very little on here. Posting under paying jobs and items that are over priced are okay but calling people out-be careful as big brother is watching you! FREEDOM!!!