The changing face of Kyungsung

I was walking around the main street leading away from Kyungsung today and noticed that the standard clusterfuck of neon signs and decals that normally plaster every available surface on a building has been mostly removed; replaced with what seems a new standard sized, sideways protruding, semi-circular signage for every business on the street.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Is this happening in other parts of the city/country?  Can I relearn how to function with a normal circadian rhythm if the nightly day-glo is no more?

Re: The changing face of Kyungsung

I think it might be part of a street improvement program thats happening all over Busan. Seomyeon seems to have nearly finished its 2year long roadworks make-over. I might not recognise the place if all those potholes covered in bedsheets get replaced by actual functional  footpaths.

If you're into neon, there's a  nice little board walk (with rainbow lights) that went up along Buk Young university about a year ago. But the best part has to be the solitary sign that indicates the bike path that no one uses: there's a cute little LED picture of a bicycle on a circular sign. So, I don't think glowing rainbows are disappearing: they're just finding expression in different ways.