The car safety inspection - how does it work?

Hello All,

My car is due its safety inspection next month. I think I will be able to find the testing place OK, but I am wondering what the procedure is and what I need to do.

1) Does it take long? Is it the usual drive in, drive out service of Korea?

2) If they find things that need repair, then what? Do I get a certain amount of time to clear the faults?

3) If it goes in and passes, is the pass sent on electronically to the authorities? I ask as I am told if you do not take the car in time, there is a massive fine.


All other advice about what to be wary of will be appreciated.

Re: The car safety inspection - how does it work?

It doesn't take long.  I did the test yesterday.  I don't undestand exactly how it works.  I thought I had passed because the service guy gave me a ssticker on the car for a test in two years. But when I went to do the repairs on my car that the guy recommended, the garage refused to do the repairs saying they couldn't find the components.  They told me it was too dangerous to drive and had to send it to the wrecker.  So now I have no car.  The sticker the guy gave me apparently said the car was unsafe.

If it passes, as my car did in two previous tests, I am not sure where it goes but it is recorded somewhere, you don't do anything.  I was five days late this time, my fine was 5000 won,  If you don't have car insurance on your car...which i didn't one time,  i had a million won fine.  But not sure if it would be this high for missing a safety test.

Hope this helps.


Re: The car safety inspection - how does it work?

Thank you - does indeed help.

Although ouch! Sorry to hear your car was scrapped! Did you get some decent money for that? Sounds a bit drastic if until then you had been driving merrily.