Canceled - Easter Buffet at Seamen's Club. April 4

Sorry , but the banquet/buffet has been canceled due to an emergency.

The only Chef has been hospitalized.

Wish him well, he has been cooking for us for many years.

That sounds great^^ but.. I

That sounds great^^


I think you forgot to mention the location? Mentioning it would be nice, don't you think so?



he did!

 He did say the location

Seaman's Club Pier 8.

Tell this to a taxi driver and he'll bring you right there!

Are you sure that we don't need a Seaman's Club membership to go to this?


Oh yea.. sorry, I think I missed it so I want able to see it..

Thanks for the reminder ^^

Busanfoodguy would need to

Busanfoodguy would need to confirm, but the Seamans Club have always waived the membership requirement for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Could anyone post Korean

Could anyone post Korean directions to show to a taxi driver? I have heard the place is hard to explain to taxi drivers.