Canadian Consulate


I need to get to the Canadian consulate in Busan.  Does anyone know the best way from Yangsan? I called the consulate and their answer was to look on the website.  The website gives me the address but no map or directions on how to get there.  Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.  Thank you.

Re: Canadian Consulate

Hi there, get on the green line # 2 and transfer at Seomyeon to the orange line # 1. Go to the end of the line at Sinpyong, stop 101 then get a taxi out front and tell the driver you need to go to Dong Sung Hwa Hak. It is called the Dong Sung Chemical Company in English, but 99% of the taxi drivers won't know it in English. It won't cost you more than the minimum fare as it is not too far from the subway. Upon arrival at the entrance, there is a security office and they will show you where to go. I have been there numerous times myself and it is no problem to get to. 

Re: Canadian Consulate

Two maps for Canadian Consulate in Busan are attached in the following link.


Refer to the English map for you, and give the Korean map to your taxi driver when you take a taxi at the exit #4 of Sinpyeong Subway Station in the line #1.


"I want to go to Dongsung Hwahak. Thank you" is written in Korean on the Korean map for your convenience.