Can I transfer my visa?

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Can I transfer my visa?

I have been teaching at my school ( private ) for about 3 months and have been offered another position at an Elementary school.Since my daughter will be attending this school, my current employer is willing to give me a letter of release. Can I transfer my visa to the new school or do I have to do the visa run?

If I have to do the visa run, how long do I have to wait for the visa issuance number before I can leave for Japan? I need to make sure that I am not unemployed for too long.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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You can transfer with a

You can transfer with a letter of release and a new contract.  You new school should take care of it for you.

When you current visa expires you have 3 more months so you will need to apply for another visa at that time, but you won't need to do a visa run. 

Lee Jung min
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hi, it is depends on where is your current school located, and the new shcool's location, for exaplem, if you are in seoul area and want to transfer to school in Seoul,

you have to work at least 2/3 of your contact, that means  about 9months,

but it is depends on the area you are in, I have to know the area to give the correct answer,  

or you can call 1345 this is # to immagration office, and they will provide

service in Eng, so call them ask them about ur situation,

have a good day,  :)

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Thank you Lee Jung Min. I am

Thank you Lee Jung Min. I am currently working in Busan and the new school is also located in Busan. ( in the same area).

I have received so many answers. Some people say that you can do the transfer and others say that you can transfer after 9 months. I have even heard that you can transfer from hagwon to public before 9 months. At the moment I am very confused.

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As long as it's a 'real'

As long as it's a 'real' elementary school you are transfering to and not another hagwon, then you will be fine. No 9 months required! I know a couple of people that did this as well.

The best thing to do is call the immigration office and they can tell you for sure.