C4 Visa and short-term contract

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C4 Visa and short-term contract


I was just offered a 3 month position at a hagwon.  It's a newer hagwon, so he is willing to work with me for a shorter period of time.  (I need a position for 3 months or less). 

Will a C4 Visa be sufficient for this situation?  He said he will pay for my Visa run.

Also, he wants me to draw up a contract.  Are there any resources for finding contracts?

Much thanks!


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 A C4's fine for a 3 month

 A C4's fine for a 3 month job but be careful if you're hoping to work for more than that.  You should be able to find a plethora of contracts of www.eslcafe.com in the Job Forums.


Good luck