Burt's Beeswax

anyone know where i can buy Burt's Bees Products in Busan?

or any alternative that is paraben and SLS free? i am a label reader but can't read korean! really looking to buy some Burt's

I know the Shinsegae sells it online- but i couldn't find it in the store itself...

would appreciate any help!


Re: Burt's Beeswax

pretty sure they carry them at OLIVE YOUNG stores.  think there are four in busan, but i only know for sure of the one in pnu just outside the subway (though it may be moving) and one in the newly remodeled sfunz on the ground floor.  you can enter it from the street.  www.oliveyoung.co.kr, all in korean.  they sell dr.bronner's magic soaps, too!  if you are not into sodium laureth and all its relatives, dr.bronner's is the best soap in the world, not that you asked.  you can order burt's from gmarket, too.  not sure who has the best price.  oh, the veggie buffet in seomyeon sells some all natural lip balms and the like.  at least they did the last time i ate there they carried them.  happy living sls free to you

Re: Burt's Beeswax

I know I have seen them everywhere. I would check out all of the make-up shops, such as Olive Young and also Watsons. I maybe wrong, but I thought I saw them at the big department stores as well, such as Lotte Department Store in the make-up area. I never use it, but they are annoyingly obvious, and I do see them all the time.

Re: Burt's Beeswax

I saw it in the Olive Young in Seomyeon yesterday. Different kinds, all 8000won I think.