Bucheon, Incheon or Busan?

Which one should I choose? I have no idea! Help!

Busan, definately Busan

I live in Busan.  My Girlfriend is from Seoul and her parents live in Bucheon.  Have you ever been to Korea?  Well, if you have been here or not the choice is simple.  If you are someone who is deeply commited to having a constant music/art scene around you at all times then go live in Hongdae in Seoul.  It is an international city with a music and art scene (not necessarily easy to find tho) that neither of the other cities have.  However, it costs me $85 to visit Seoul once a month to get my fix of whatever cultural activities might catch my fancy.  Then I have come back to Busan.  Here there isn't much art although there is a nice local foreign music scene.  I live near the beach and have a huge national park next to my apartment with ocean breezes and nice coffee shops in the morning.  It takes me 20 minutes to drive a 1/4 of the way across the city to work and although the traffic sucks it is a drop compared to seoul's ocean.  Bucheon is a satellite of seoul.  It's the suburbs without the charm.  Plus it will take you 90 minutes to get the heart of Seoul from Bucheon, while Busan only takes 160 minutes.  Busan has a tight expat community, while Seoul's is too big and diverse and unfriendly.  Bucheon barely has one.  Seoul is great and I visit often.  But for lifestyle, at least as far as lifestyle goes here......

Pick Busan


Busan but where in Busan helps to. I have lived here for 7 years. The best places for a foreigner to live is in Haeundae (most live in Jangsan-the beaches are here as well as the new big malls and every foreigner convenience you need), and the kyungsung area (Gwangali beach is near and this is the uni spot which is good fo partying and is jsut a few subway stops aways from haeundae) . Living in saha gu (daedepo also) is harder because it is far from places you will probably end up wanting to go. it is almost an hour to haundae from here. it may seem close but after living there for a few months it gets taxing all the commuting (plus if you are cabbing it the costs start to add up. seomyeon is the downtown area which is right in the middle which makes it easy to get to everywhere in busan but it is just a conrete jungle. anyway, i could go on and on but hauendae is the place to be. if you have any questions about where (for example if they say busan but it is in nopo-dong and you want to know about that place, let me know) to live or about the contract feel free to ask. buy the way, i used to live in incheon and i lasted 3 months. dirty city. bucheon, well, i would say better than incheon but not even to close to busan. busan has better temps, air, beaches, a great expat community and everything else you need. good luck.