Brita Water Filters in Busan...???

 Does anyone know for sure where I can get Brita "Classic" water filters in Busan. I have the pitcher. I have tried E-Mart (they don't carry them anymore). I have tried HomePlus (no go there too).


Please no guesses.  I don't want to travel for 30 minutes for a place you think might have them.


Thanks !!!

homeplus had them a month ago

have you tried the homeplus in oncenjang (or however it is spelled)?  they are in kind of a weird spot.  maybe the second aisle from the far right as you walk into the store.  in the middle of that aisle on the right side (facing the back of the store-you should see the booze section from that vantage point) at about eye level you should see them.  they sell the pitchers and the filters.  let me know if you succeed and happy shopping.  their canned blackbeans are much cheaper than gsmart or shinsagae



Another possibility

When I lived in Seoul, I used to buy them at a drugstore near my apartment.  They have totally random things in Korean drugstores, so if you can't find them at Home Plus, check out the drugstores near you.