Bringing a dog back to U.S.

I just wanted to know if anyone has any recent experience bringing a dog back to the U.S. I've been reading posts on the PetTravel website forum, but had a few questions.

From what I understand, after looking at U.S. dog quarantine procedures, a dog can be allowed into the U.S. even if its rabies shot hasn't passed the 30 day mark, but you must sign a paper promising to keep your dog at home until 30 days is reached. However, some people are saying that Korean quarantine, at the international airports, will not let you out of Korea with your dog if 30 days haven't passed since the rabies shot was administered. Can anyone clear this up? Also, I do have the signed and stamped paper confirming that the rabies shot was given by a licensed vet.

Also, any other experiences or advice regarding different airline experiences with pets, etc., would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Bringing a dog back to U.S.

How big is your dog?  If it is small, then it can go with you as carry on.  You would have to call the airlines though to see what exactly is the size of a "small dog". I think if it fits in one of the carrying cases that fits under the airplane seat, you are fine. If it is not a small dog, then many airlines can carry it as cargo- which is pretty expensive- and you should call the airlines that you are flying with to find out how much, and if your flight can do that.

I took my cat home to the US with me last year from Busan and he was over the 5kg limit, but they just charged me a little more at the airport.  I went to the vet 3 days before my flight for the rabies shot, and lets just say that he was very understanding of my tight situation. (since u are supposed to have it done 30 days prior to flying!) Anyway, everything worked out fine. I paid about $200 in fees in the airports and he, my cat, flew under the seat the whole way.

I hope that helped!