Breakfast/Brunch restaurants

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Breakfast/Brunch restaurants

 I have been to Breeze Burns but I would like to know if there are any other places in Busan known for serving a good breakfast/brunch? Specifically pancakes...yum. 

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Not sure about pancakes, but I think Ono in Haeundae does a breakfast / brunch. It's on the road between the Chosun Beach hotel and the yacht club in front of the Benecity apartments across from Camelia apartments.

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Ono sucks and very over priced. I went in there once and they wanted 18 bucks for a caeser salad. The place us small which means there is no privacy either. Places here selling "foreigner foods" jack the prices as if you are getting some kind of exotic meal from another world. Crazy!

As for brunch, the only place I could say is the Novotel or something like that. Burns is okay but not all that tasty. After a couple of times you get bored of it. I hear you though, real pancakes would be nice. GL!

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 "Places here selling

 "Places here selling "foreigner foods" jack the prices as if you are getting some kind of exotic meal from another world".


Not a million miles from the truth is it, when you think about it? You're in a foreign country, where western food is considered a foreign luxury.


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Forgot a few places. Hotel Homers on Gwangali beach used to have a breakfast buffet on Sundays, don't see any reason why it shouldn't be still there. Although it finished at 10 a.m Way to early in the morning for my liking. Evas bar in Kyung Sung Dae do breakfasts, but you have to wait till the evening when they open.

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Brunch by the Budu

A friend of mine has opened up an arts cafe right by immigration, Jungang Station, Exit 11>turn right >down 2 (sm)blocks it's on the left in the Good Day Dental Clinic? 4th floor. The Building is across from the Saemaul Bank.

You need to go around the corner of the building to find the stairs leading up. It is a cafe run by two artists/crafts people (friend and his wife), good place to hang out and meet some different kinds of people. They have Wifi and have asked me to create a small sandwich menu for them of 3 sandwiches (suggestions welcome), and I showed them a nice turkey/pesto, but it may not be around at the moment as I haven't had the time to help and finalize and give them the solid 'recipes' demo yet. 

I mentioned that they should do an all day breakfast and they seemed open to the idea, so if there is enough interest let me know and I will get them to set it up. This would be a homestyle Bacon(or sausage)&Eggs with toast and juice/coffee, or  pancakes...and...waffles?

Anyway a nice place to hang out before or after Immigration and she teaches crafts and jewelry making, quite good at making just about anything actually. They don't speak much English but are very friendly and accommodating. 

I also mentioned to them about having a cheese platter and allowing people to bring wine (as they don;t sell alcohol) and pay a corkage fee, so if people are  interested in that as well please let me know, but don't bring any at the moment~

I've attached a map to show the location as well or you can view it here