Bonsai Tree Class

Anyone have any information on where I could learn how to grow a bonsai tree?

Re: Bonsai Tree Class

Bonsai is called 분재 in Korean.  If you search 분재 in naver maps you can find a few bonsai shops.  They might offer lessons or be able to tell you who does.

There is also a Korean bonsai association.  If you get in contact with them they can probably refer you to someone.  

Post here if you find any more info.  I'd be interested as well.

Re: Bonsai Tree Class

I used to have a lot of bonsai trees as a kid, and it really isn't that difficult to master the basics. Back then the Internet didn't exist, so I learnt everything from books, I would guess now there is a ton of information out there.

There are basically three ways to achieving the end goal of a miniature tree.

Buy a ready made bonsai

Grow from seed and then spend years and years training it

Buy a bush / shrub and you then cut it down and wire it to make it look like a tree. Then you wait years and years pruning and training for it to grow and mature into an actual miniature tree.

My mum took over my hobby when I went off to university and she still has many that I started nearly 30 years ago. Some are quite impressive now.

One thing to note though is that most bonsai are outdoor plants, they are trees after all, so need to be treated as such.